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Introduction and benefits to Scriptless Test Automation

Introduction and benefits to Scriptless Test Automation

Scriptless Test Automation is a highly versatile testing framework with inconsequential exposure to code. In other words, it can be said that scriptless testing is an approach to perform testing without scripting or coding in any programming language. It saves the time required for building automated tests by considerably reducing the amount of scripting needed. They offer organizations a low-complexity and cost-effective opportunity to utilize the power of Automated Testing, without the associated complexity or cost of script development. 

This method enables enterprises to participate in test automation and also enhances the scope of code reusability. By adapting to the script-less framework, there will be ease for the development teams to overcome the biggest challenge of burning up more time at the script development. Also, the methodology helps to decrease the test automation complexity for enterprises.

This approach for automation will not just help the enterprises to save the team’s time and efforts, but it will also ensure to maintain quality and ease in attaining their requirements.

Theoretically, a scriptless testing tool should be able to:

  1. Quickly generate test steps in a test case
  2. Keep track of reusable elements or objects
  3. Record test cases
  4. Perform test cases on multiple browsers/versions
  5. Perform tests cases both on-premise and in the cloud
  6. Manage test data variance
  7. Report on test outcomes and
  8. Integrate with the rest of our tooling

Benefits of using Scriptless Automation Tool

  • Removes Tool-Specific Coding

Scriptless Automation Tools already present ready-to-use test cases and reusable code objects. In Scriptless Test Automation tools, these features are unusual. It is not necessary for the testers to know programming or scripting language. It empowers testers and business users to perform testing without worrying about coding. The problem of coding is monitored by the Scriptless Test Automation tool already.

  • Reduces Time-To-Automate

In Scriptless automation, the testing team can automate large test suites quickly. The speed of delivery and the go-to-market time improves quickly. Besides this, it reduces the time needed to spend on automation. This also ensures the detection of bugs during the software development lifecycle.

  • Eliminates Debug process

Scriptless Test Automation tools get rid of the need to continuously debug scripted test code as this has been already done by the tool itself.

  • Faster and hassle-free 

Scriptless test environments can be maintained effortlessly and built quicker creating a hassle-free update environment. Hence, building a Scriptless Test Automation tool is a perfect fit for Test Automation for Agile and DevOps.

  • Reduces Cost Of Automation

Incorporating smarter framework design upfront can demolish the future costs that arise from augmented script maintenance effort. The technical obligation associated with scripts is therefore eliminated.

  • Flexible to work with

One of the most desirable features in Scriptless Automation is Scalability and Flexibility. It is flexible to work with different browsers available in the market and it scales an amount of workload according to the business requirement.

  • Simpler script design 

A non-complex and easy test design and development process, along with the habitual user interface, enables the faster development of tests.

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