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IoT Testing is building your Smart Home

Today, in this world, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic science, and IoT are bringing the market by storm. One thing is certain the science is pushing humans towards a much-dominated future. Without machines and intelligence, the world will appear like a void. According to the latest survey conveyed by Techjury, by 2025, there will be 64B IoT devices worldwide.

Taking the best illustration of IoT, the smart home solution is an excellent model to bring into the picture. The smart home solution is evolving at a faster pace, and it is forecast that by 2019 the IoT market will be worth $1.7T. Half of the daily required products will be intelligent and reduce human efforts entirely through the Internet of Things.

There was a time when smartphones caught the whole world by surprise, then came smart support. The constant evolutionary transformation in technology enhancement has automated the fundamental chores of home, such as motor turn off/on, leakage detection, light dimmers, premises cameras, etc.

The automated world looks like a fairy tale, however, providing the smart home solution is not that simple. Techjury’s recent survey showed that 97% of organizations face challenges in generating value for IoT-related data. But also there is this truth, that IoT will bring economic growth about $4T to $11T by 2025. To keep every effort influential and integral for providing a world-class IoT home solution, IoT testing is important.

Why are Smart Home Solutions Complex?

Small to highly complex IoT solution for a smart home consists of artificial intelligence and self-understanding abilities. IoT Testing assures that these devices function as per the designated instructions embedded into them by the enterprise. The core testing covers whether the device runs via associated application when triggered inside the network.

Not only this, multiple devices connected in-home require to work incommunicative way. Besides inter-connectivity, these devices should be interoperable to evade failure and endangerment. Most importantly, the impeccable environment makes all the connected devices operate swiftly and smoothly without any interference.

IoT Testing makes these things possible by applying logical approaches to the network which accommodates all the devices.

Why is IoT Testing Important in Smart Home Solutions?

The IoT system consists of four layers that must operate in sync to convert data into useful data in order to trigger prosperous action– device, data consumption, data processing, and application. The architecture of these four layers is complicated in nature which makes their testing across the system necessary. The testing phase consists of several protocols that must be followed to confirm all the devices in smart home-compatibility testing, network testing, security testing, real-time performance testing, and end-user usability testing.

The concept behind the smart home is to diminish manual efforts by applying easier and economical solutions. These solutions for a home can decrease daily 30 minutes of your efforts, only if they operate properly.

While these devices are in action, a lot of private data flows in between which should be guarded and stay secret at any cost. Thus the crucial need to secure the entire system gets into the picture. A system that consists of multiple nodes should be tracked and controlled in real-time and tested to ensure no data disclosure occurs.

A strong and robust IoT network can assist in overcome such situations. However, Companies face another challenge in terms of resource employing and additional setup for the same. If business and tech-savvy squad join hands, customer experience can be improvised to a large extent. Last words, content customers are gained only when technology is perfect and business processes perform well. Third-party IoT QA can bring guaranteed profitability to the business.

Buying intelligent devices is not enough, executing smart solutions to them can streamline several chores. But it also suggests that they should be maintained and tested timely in order to function correctly.

TestUnity understands the testing requirements of smart home systems. The world around us is undergoing a massive change with the help of futuristic technologies. Having performed best-in-class testing services to organizations, and with high-end capabilities in IoT testing and Digital Assurance, TestUnity’s services can strengthen the smart home ecosystems with accuracy and high standards of software testing services. Connect with our experts for a one-to-one consultation. 


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