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The Best AI Automation Tools

Automation Testing has brought an all-new dimension in the field of Digital Testing and Quality Assurance. No one expected testing to get even better over time. However, the inclusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Automation testing has taken it to a completely new level. AI and ML (Machine Learning) are two of the hottest topics in the field of testing today. Machine learning is basically a technology that reads into patterns and comes up with solutions. This property of ML makes the AI even more potent by making it adaptable to situations that may not be programmed into it at times. This better version of AI makes things easier in automation testing. The integration of AI and Automation testing has been almost seamless in many ways, which has resulted in creating various AI based Automation tools.

With more and more API based testing processes, the number of front-focused testing processes has reduced and instead the focus has been on back-end tests. This requires a change in scripting as well. Once this is done, the AI based automation tools can complete the process. AI also helps in the visual detection of problems when integrated with the UI of systems. They use ML to identify visual patterns and thus come up with solutions that best suits the case. Apart from this, the most important improvement that AI brought into automation testing is that now there is an increase in the number of tests that actually matter. AI allows the system to run only those tests that are required. Various Software Testing companies have come up with different AI automation tools, integrating the properties of AI to make testing smarter and reliable.

Now let’s focus on some of the Best AI Automation Tools that are currently ruling the market.


Testim is an AI based Automation Tool that focuses on providing an environment that eradicates unnecessary tests from the cycle and making it simple enough for any member in the team to use it. The tool speeds up the authorization and execution of testing by focusing on end-to-end testing and UI testing. It also helps in the maintenance of the testing, which is extremely important over time and what most companies struggle to cope with.


Applitools uses the ability of machine learning to visualise patterns to fix the bugs without the need of calling all the elements of testing into action. Such small modifications to save a lot of time is exactly what AI brings to the table in automation testing. The best part of Applitools is that you need not create new sets of configurations or supplementary visual processing settings to accommodate it into your existing system. is one of the latest tools on the block. It is more of a monitoring tool than a functioning tool. However, it tests the apps or browsers on your smartphones or devices by identifying the bugs by visually looking at it. Once it identifies the bugs, the AI automatically executes the tests. It can also detect whenever an external entity makes a change in your software, thus improving your security as well. It is extremely helpful in improving the dynamics of Selenium and Appium, both automation tools for browsers and robotics, respectively.


Mabl is a great AI based automation tool that interacts the app or website to come up with trained tests that later run on these apps with ease. This functional tool learns the working of the application and thus come up with the necessary tests. It automatically detects the tests that are to be conducted and can even update the tests if there are changes made to the app. The biggest advantage of Mabl is that it provides you faster and reliable results, as it compares the current test results with the previous ones and thus identifying the changes quickly. Such a process notifies you first before it affects your customers.


Appvance is another highly efficient AI automation tool. It focuses on the behaviour of users to come up with bug fixes. This tool is an excellent option for apps that are user-centric and depends a lot on the reaction of the users. By focusing on how the actual product looks and interacts with the users, Appvance helps you make the necessary changes that your customers actually want.

AI has made Automation testing more streamlined, smart and efficient in many ways. These AI based automation tools help your digital product reach its maximum potential with ease. Each tool focuses on improving the existing testing systems and taking out the scope of human errors as much as possible.


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