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The Telecom Sector needs a revamp in their QA strategy!

The telecom sector has seen tremendous growth in terms of innovation and bandwidth in the recent years, particularly in the last 4-5 years. Ever since the inception of fast-paced networks like 4G and indie smartphone manufacturers expanding their wings, there are close to 4 billion people in the world who use a smartphone now. With the incredible growth in technology and the living standards of people, people now expect top-notch telecom services 24×7.

However, with the growing number of users and the accommodation of new features, it is not that easy to provide seamless services all the time. Nonetheless, telecom companies do have to try and provide such services to stay ahead of the competition and also incur fewer losses while doing so.

This is exactly why it has become imperative for companies to look into their QA strategy and come up with better solutions.

What are the challenges faced by the Telecom Sector?

  • Gone are the days when a telecom company had to take care of only the calling and instant messaging features. The concept of high-speed internet has changed the telecom sector significantly. Digital technologies like AR, VR and IoT have brought about a revolution in the sector and hence there is a huge need for changes in the existing QA strategies of the companies, so as to accommodate such innovations.
  • The new generation of smartphone users now expect a line of services from telecom companies and that too at premium quality. Understanding their preferences is a challenge in itself but in order to provide the expected services with innovation and quality at the core, it is absolutely essential. Companies now are facing huge losses due to the stiff competition from indie brands that are offering high-quality services at lower rates.
  • Surviving in the age of WhatsApp, Skype and other such messaging software is becoming increasingly difficult. With most people now using such apps for both calling and messaging, instead of solely relying on regular calling or instant messaging services, telecom companies now face the challenge of aligning their services with such platforms.
  • Stiff competition from counterparts is a huge challenge faced by every other company out there. For example, the Reliance Jio platform has now become the biggest telecom company of the country in a span of four years because they had a full-proof QA plan, taking over giants of the industry like Bharti Airtel, Idea-Vodafone and so on. This just shows how you need to bring your A-game to stay in the race.

How can a change in the QA strategy of the companies save the telecom sector?

  • The primary focus for any company is to gain profits and as mentioned above, telecom companies are not having managing to hit their targets. Since customers want more services and innovations without any drop in quality, it has become incredibly important to come up with new QA strategies. A QA software testing team will come up with tests to scale the software further to accommodate the requirements. A revamp in the QA strategy is important as it will help you accommodate the huge bandwidth of users who are increasing by thousands per day. Only a robust and functional network will be able to meet such high consumer demands.
  • With new products and subscribers in the network, the operational processes like order fulfilment, customer care, billing, service configuration, service provisioning, fault management, network inventory and network configuration have become increasingly difficult to handle. Therefore, changing the strategy in accordance with such requirements is important to keep the network functional, secure and convenient to use, even with the increased bandwidth.
  • There is an incredible need for telecom companies to come up with ideas to provide voice and data services at affordable prices. As mentioned above, various messenger applications like WhatsApp and Skype are ruling the roost and the telecom companies have to come up with fresh ideas to leverage this avenue. One of the ideas that is doing the rounds is a system where a call redirects to one of these messaging platforms if there is good Wi-Fi but poor cellular network connection. For this, telecom companies will have to team up with other software giants. Something similar has happened recently with giants like Facebook and Google investing heavily in the Indian telecom company, Reliance Jio. To ensure smooth network transitions in a secure manner, there has to be big changes made in QA and testing strategies. Once the QA team and telecom company is able to make this bridge, a huge number of customers will be satisfied.
  • Satisfying customers is the first step to retaining them. For this to truly work, you also need to build a robust application for the consumers to interact with you. They should be able to recharge their accounts, raise their grievances and get to know about new offers or any updates regarding the network through this app. Furthermore, you also need an efficient back-end software to ensure that the app works successfully. There should be changes made in the QA strategies based on such requirements if you already do not have them in place.

A full-proof QA strategy with customer requirements and expectations at its core is the only way to see the positive changes in the telecom sector. Be it to accommodate the new innovations, provide quality services 24×7 or to handle the increasing bandwidth, you need a fast network with an incredibly efficient back-end network system to get the desired results.

For this, you need to make the necessary changes in the existing QA strategy by hiring the best professionals out there. To get the best services, you should get in touch with TestUnity, a leading name in the world of QA and software testing!


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