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Top Ten Tools For Conducting Successful White Box Testing in 2023

Software testing is one of the most challenging activities. It assures the quality of the product, which will be provided to the end user. It is very essential to test the software properly before it reaches the customer so that there will not be any problems found in the final product.

There are various types of functional testing, but in this blog, we will see the top ten tools utilized for white box testing. But first, head to its definition.

What is White box testing?

White box testing is a software testing method that tests an application’s internal system or workings. Tests are conducted using this method, also known as clear box testing, transparent box testing, glass box testing, or structural testing. It is necessary to know the code of the application in order to conduct white-box testing.

Let’s take a look at the top ten open-source tools for white box testing:

1. Parasoft Jtest

Jtest is Parasoft’s main functional testing tool. Jtest helps you quickly test and enhance your Java codebase on both development and production systems. White box testing is the only way to complete full code coverage, and it delivers a clear view of your code to discover bugs faster. It also contains a debugger to step through your code and recognize potential issues.

2. Bugzilla

A popular defect-tracking system is Bugzilla. You can track bugs, manage their life cycle, assign, prioritize, verify, and close them. It’s all about recording all the steps that lead up to reproducing a bug, so developers can fix it. It is an open-source tool available for download from

3. Fiddler

If you are functioning with web applications, then Fiddler is a must-have tool. It is a famous white box testing framework that logs all HTTP(s) traffic between your system and the Internet. It ensures you scrutinize all set breakpoints, and HTTP(s) traffic, and “fiddle” with outgoing or incoming data.

It also helps HTTPS decryption using a built-in private key or a downloaded .pfx file. You can also review traffic using raw HTTP view and save the last 15 minutes of the selected session to a .gif file.

4. OpenGrok

OpenGrok is a complete-featured open-source code browser and search engine for codebase written in Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, and other programming languages. It helps you to explore, navigate and comprehend large codebases quickly. 

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5. Wireshark

Wireshark is the world’s leading network protocol analyzer. It is utilized by network administrators, security experts, and many others to troubleshoot and monitor network traffic.

6. Sqlmap

Sqlmap is a leading white box testing tool that controls the flow of exploiting and catching SQL injection errors and taking over the database servers. It can be used to recognize and exploit vulnerabilities in SQL databases, extract data from the database, and even build new user accounts with administrative rights.

7. Nmap

Nmap is an open-source white box testing framework that executes network exploration and security auditing. It helps you recognize hosts and services on a network, thus building a situation where you understand your network’s security.

8. OWASP Zed AttackProxy (ZAP)

ZAP is an efficient and easy-to-use white box testing framework in web applications for catching security vulnerabilities. It is known as a cross-platform desktop application, a hosted online service, and a penetration software tester console.

9. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix is a top web vulnerability scanner that automatically scans your website, discovers security vulnerabilities, and helps you repair them. It supports industry-leading technologies for web security scanning, including a crawler that finds new pages on your website and a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use interface.

10. HP Fortify

Fortify Software’s Application SecurityCenter is a complete software security solution that helps you safeguard your business-critical applications from attack. It contains the Fortify Source Code Analysis tool, which checks your source code for vulnerabilities, and the Fortify Application Security Scanner, which monitors live applications for vulnerabilities.

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Final thoughts

Now that you understand the top 10 white box security testing tools, you can better safeguard your applications from attack. Use these tools to find and fix security vulnerabilities in your codebase before they are exploited.

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