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5 Best practices in automation testing for mobile application

Ever since the arrival of Agile and DevOps, automation testing is all one can hear in the world of digital testing. Automation testing has become an integral part of creating websites and mobile applications. If you are looking forward to creating a test cycle for your mobile application, you need to keep certain things in mind before you start the process. Since automation testing is a costly affair, it is important that you cut down the expenses from wherever possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have come up with 6 of the most important practices that you need to follow in automation testing for a mobile application to get the best ROI and output results.

Keep the app development and automated testing cycle together

One of the most basic and important things you can do is to combine the process of app development and automation testing. This will help you generate the scripts for testing accordingly. With simultaneous scripting, you can see whether the app development fits the bill or not, right at its inception, and you need not wait till the testing phase. When you include the automation testing right from the start, it cuts down the cost considerably as this allows you to determine the number of tests to be conducted right from the start. . Such an approach will help you in the long run for sure.

Monitor all the testing techniques to find the one that fits your budget

As mentioned above, automation testing is not so cheap and hence you need to identify the right testing techniques for you. You need not include a test just because it is perfect by some standards and is popular. You may be able to live without it and hence can avoid it. Identify the tests that make perfect sense in your case to stay within the budget.

Perform long tests using automation testing

When it comes to long tests, it is advisable that you perform it through automation testing. When you perform long and rigorous tests manually, the chances of doing it wrong increases. Since such tests can be tiring and monotonous, it is better to keep them for automation testing. Moreover, this also gives time to humans to come up with new test cases and scripts for the application, leading to the development of new features in your mobile application. Use the creative minds of humans to develop the best features and leave the long tedious tests to the AI.

Do not even think of going fully automated in testing

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to go fully automatic. Such an approach will only take your plan down as it requires a ton of capital. Anyway, it is not just about the money involved as it is not feasible in the technical front as well. You just cannot make certain tests automatic as it requires a human touch no matter what. While some tests like regression testing, load testing and performance testing can be automated 100%, interface, installation, compatibility and recovery testing are some tests that require a human mind to work on it. Therefore, do not make the mistake of even attempting to go fully automated.

Hire the best team to get the best results

Last but not the least; if you want the desired results, you need to hire the best team to work on your mobile application testing process. To create good quality automation tests, you need to develop incredibly potent test scripts. For this, you need experienced testers and coders. You may make the mistake of hiring testers from a small company just because of a better offer but you would not get the perfect results on the said time. Hiring a team of quality professionals is the way to go.

When you apply all these steps in your testing process, you will surely get the desired results well within your budget. Make sure you consider all the automation testing processes and only then finalise the tests you need to include. The key to cutting the cost is by including the automation process right from the start and making test scripts simultaneously with the app development.


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