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Remote Testing Services and its Importance

At a time when a majority of people are working from home, the need to switch to remote services is becoming seemingly apparent. The same goes for software testing services as in-house testing is no longer a viable option for many companies. With many companies switching to remote testing services, they have not only been able to complete their projects on time but have also realised the true potential of hiring remote testers.  Such a practice not only improves the quality of the product but also helps you develop apps that are truly customer-centric.

The current situation is the best time to try out remote testers from different parts of the world to test your product under different conditions. Let us help you understand some of the top reasons why remote testing is critical not only for now but also in the long run to help you develop apps and software of better quality.

Reasons why Remote Testing is Critical!

Get the best possible in-market insights

The biggest and most obvious reason to switch to remote testing is that it gives you access to reliable in-market insights from different locations. Before launching the app in a new market or bringing an update for your existing app, you must first check its appeal for users from different demographics and cultural backgrounds. Building a huge database of information based on a diverse customer group allows you to develop an inclusive app that would interest a wider audience.

Let’s take an example of a voice-enabled feature that you want to include in your app. To ensure that this feature works well, you must build a database of users speaking in different accents. This can go a long way in positively impacting the user experience and making sure that end users do not experience any glitches due to their accents. Such extensive testing cannot be carried out by an in-house testing team alone. You can only achieve this kind of data by using remote testers from the locations where you are planning to launch the app.

Avoid over-reliance on VPN

Many QA teams around the world use VPNs to simulate a user experience based on geographical location. However, using a VPN cannot give you accurate results as they cannot truly demonstrate how the interface of the app works in real-world conditions. To truly check the functionality of the app in different geographical conditions, you will have to hire remote testers.  

Furthermore, VPNs do not allow you to use GPS-based features in the app, cellular data or even switch between data and Wi-Fi. All these functionalities are crucial while developing a highly functional app. This is why the best thing you can do is to switch to remote testing.

Perform tests on a wide range of devices

One of the main reasons why you should switch to remote testing services is to cover a wide range of possible problems that can come up while testing the app on different devices. We live in a world where the landscape of devices and operating systems is so diverse that you cannot really expect to identify all the bugs that a user can experience through his/her device by just conducting in-house testing.

Buying hundreds of devices and then testing the app or software on them does not make sense monetarily and logistically. This is where remote testers come into play as in this case, the hardware devices being put to use are different from each other. Before hiring remote testers, you can even ask them about the kind of devices they put to use while testing an app so that you can ensure maximum diversification.

Now that you know why you should switch to remote testing services, let us help you understand the subsequent benefits you get from doing so.

Benefits of Remote testing services

Access to better QA teams via video conferencing

Thanks to the advent of several video conferencing platforms such as Skype, Teams, Zoom and others, it has become extremely easy to connect to testers from different parts of the world. As a result, you can choose the best testers for your project. Additionally, it also allows you to monitor the progress in real-time to ensure the efficiency of the testing and quality of the end product.

Dedicated team of QA ensures faster results

You can hire QA testers to perform dedicated functions and this can help you speed up the process substantially. Since each tester is assigned something from their field of expertise, they can give you faster results.

It reduces overall costs considerably

In the current times, when every company is trying to cut down on their expenditures by reducing their personnel, switching to remote testers makes perfect sense. Maintaining your own team can be a little tough in the current economy so outsourcing your testing needs will reduce costs in a big way.

Helps you focus on developing your business

One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your testing and QA requirements to remote testers is that you, as the owner of the product, can focus on other aspects of the business. Being involved in the testing phase can consume a lot of your time. Instead, investing your time in marketing and finding investors will help you grow your business even more.

Now that you know the reasons why you should switch to remote testing services and the various benefits it provides, it’s time to make the change! To ensure your product is of the highest quality, you should get in touch with TestUnity, a company that works with the best remote testers in the world to give you real-time insights with different testing parameters at its core.


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