Current Date :July 21, 2024

AI Pen-Tests Deliver Speed and Accuracy

From the last few years, AI has transformed from a marketing strategy to a fairly useful technology for enterprise IT. AI has been introduced into several enterprise-grade tools, including platforms that are purpose-built for IT security teams. One such security platform segment that’s making enormous use of AI is penetration testing. More specifically, the term breach and attack simulation, or BAS, is used when referring to AI pen testing products.

 BAS technologies allow security administrators to perform automated penetration attack simulations whenever and wherever they choose. This is opposed to the traditional pen test’s snapshots in time that is performed some times each year. The addition of AI to find vulnerabilities can increase accuracy while decreasing the number of hours security administrators spend investigating and validating holes in their current security posture.

Benefits of AI-Powered Pen-Testing 

Identifying the entire attack vector is one of the most accommodating ways AI can be used to reduce the time spent on researching a detected vulnerability. When a security expert performs pen-tests to find a vulnerability, AI can assist by detecting all possible effects of a threat based on what the technology has understood about the whole infrastructure. This analysis can help teams in analyzing which areas of their business are at great risk and to what level. Thus, experts can prioritize these threats based on the findings of AI technology regarding the infrastructure, security tools, apps, services, and devices the organization deems to be critical. 

Added intelligence is a great way to get a quick opinion on how to deal with identified vulnerabilities, but security administrators have the last word.

AI can also be used to automatically produce and display vulnerability remediation steps. This reduces much of the time spent by security administrators having to research the vulnerability to come up with remediation steps on their own. It also helps speed up time to resolution for many known vulnerabilities as the administrators can quickly learn what steps must be taken and immediately begin implementing them.


We realize that traditional penetration testing is not proficient in achieving better results in the current agile and DevOps environment, where applications are changing and emerging rapidly. Penetration testers spend time finding vulnerabilities to ensure pen-tests provide correct results. Meanwhile, web app security is becoming a challenge for organizations as they face exponential growth in complex technologies. Simultaneously, this increases the number of attacks, and attackers find more sophisticated ways to attack systems and pose financial pressure on businesses and their security stature. 

Security admins often use vulnerability scanning, which they are inaccurate with false positives and negatives. However, the introduction of AI to pen-testing, allows a penetration testing company to work more accurately and conduct pen testing at a much larger scale. It allows organizations to stay ahead of the attackers by delivering speed and accuracy.

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Testunity is a SaaS-based technology platform driven by a vast community of testers & QAs spread around the world, powered by technology & testing experts to create the dedicated testing hub. Which is capable of providing almost all kind of testing services for almost all the platforms exists in software word.

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