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Importance and Effects of AI testing during remote working

AI testing is becoming mainstream. If you’ve been waiting for the AI hype, it’s time to dive in. Here’s what you need to know about AI in testing.


What are the fundamentals?

The most essential fundamentals of AI as applied to software testing, are machine learning and neural networks. Machine learning enables computers to classify objects or make predictions about likelihoods based on the data it has. Neural networks loosely match how the part of the brain that predates humans make associations.

 When used in parts or together in testing, these subtypes of AI provide themselves to specific activities in testing.

  Most of today’s AI tools solve testing challenges by: 

  • Visually comparing images of applications and detecting differences (visual tools)
  • “Learning” many more application interactions than humans can
  • Comparing outcomes or states of the system with last or known “good” states
  • Characterizing results of existing testing and rolling up large change sets so that humans can easily digest them
  • Remembering which outcomes are good or bad, and pattern-matching new outcomes



Why is it important?

Nowadays applications interact with others through APIs, leverage legacy systems, and grow in complexity from one day to the next in a non-uniform fashion. This and other development trends make testing incredibly difficult, and AI will be able to reduce the burden on human testers.

 Here are a few examples of where AI testing will fit:

  •  Help select, manage, and drive SUTs faster, more effectively, and less expensively than we can today
  • Use data in your existing QA systems (defects, resolutions, source code repo, test cases, logging, etc.) to help identify problem areas in the product
  • Automatically create and manage test data
  • Reduce the amount of “dirty work” for humans regarding implementing, executing, and analyzing test results

Further, AI in testing could reduce QA costs from 28% of IT budgets down to single digits, according to the World Quality Report.

Remote Work and AI

Four industries that are using A.I. technology most today are:

  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Customer Service

If you are a remote worker in any of these fields, it is likely that you must have heard about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

 In Information Technology, machines are used to perform Cybersecurity checks, fix some technical issues for customers, and measure compliance with technology guidelines. All of these tasks could be completed by humans but may require workers to divert from their other responsibilities or to be present at a physical office.

 For example, if a company is working on secure servers, a technician may have to visit a specific location to troubleshoot a problem. Whereas a machine can be employed to assess the problem and propose a solution in less time and without incurring travel expenses.

 In marketing, A.I. is used to advertise products to targeted customers based on previous purchases. A.I. also monitor social media to examine how well campaigns meet customer expectations. Leaving these tasks to machines gives marketing professionals more time to be creative, design new promotions, interact with clients, and facilitating new partnerships.

 Current use of A.I. in these industries is helping existing computer processes to run more smoothly and reduce some of the tasks workers have to complete so they have more time to give to complex tasks. In our current remote workforce, companies think about artificial intelligence and manpower in accordance to improvement, not replacement.

 Integrating A.I. in a way that helps managers free up more and employees could be one of the most exciting benefits of the technology. Particularly for remote managers, A.I. has the power to give them back a significant chunk of their day by automating administrative tasks they complete daily, monthly, and quarterly.

 Time saved by using A.I. enables remote managers more time to work on the tasks humans do best such as building social relationships, making judgment related decisions, and designing teams and processes that improve company culture.

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