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Digital testing

Digital Testing: The new age phenomenon

In a world where technology rules and everything is going digital, it is important to give quality digital content and software to people and to stay ahead of your competitors. Testing new products in the age of digital transformation is getting more complex day by day. The new phenomenon of Digital Testing lets you achieve these goals with assured success.

What is Digital testing?

Digital testing or software testing is a procedure where a software or any digital medium undergoes investigation, using various digital tools, to check its functionality. The testing process includes the execution of a program, application or a function in order to check for any software bugs and fix it to make it fit for use.

Why it is better?

Digital transformation is seeing new technologies on a daily basis and the quality of customer interaction and experience is being compromised. The existing QA and testing techniques are getting incapable of testing the software, thus hampering its functionality because of more bugs. Due to lack of capable technologies, many challenges are arising. Test integration of services across different platforms, consistency of solution across multiple interfaces, testing end-to-end workflows and managing data and services are few of the many challenges.

The new age Digital Testing helps in identifying such problems and fixing it to give you the desired sophisticated experience without any glitches.

What are the benefits?

Digital testing empowers you to evaluate the workability of properties of your digital medium. It helps in the following ways,

  • It tests whether your design meets the required interests and expectations. This is important, as it is necessary to get the results that the stakeholders were looking for, initially.
  • It checks whether it gives correct responses to all inputs or not. It ensures the proper functioning of the software or application. This determines if the software is ready to be open for public domain.
  • It ensures that the digital medium runs without any lag, as it is crucial for the improvement in performance.
  • It makes sure that the application is user friendly and easy to move around. The user should feel at home while using the application.
  • It checks another important function – whether it can be easily installed in the intended environments. It fixes the software if it is not applicable for a particular host environment and thus spreads its reach.

Why User Testing?

User testing is an essential aspect of digital testing that focusses on the user’s experience as opposed to the overall functionality. There are various styles that testers use to understand the user’s experience and they all benefit the client in different ways. Some of these are as follows:

  • Usability tests: In such tests, testers check whether the software or app can perform the tasks that it has been designed to perform.
  • Hallway tests: In this, testers check whether the software or app works correctly in the premises of the client’s office space.
  • Eye Tracking: In this, testers try to understand what aspects of the software or app catch the eye of the user and in what order. They monitor the path of movement of the eye, which helps them in understanding the consumer behaviour in a better way.
  • Design Optimization: In this, testers check whether a software or app offers the best visual experience to the user. By checking eye movements and clicks, testers can understand whether the design highlights the right elements of the software or app.
  • Remote Testing: In this, testers check whether the software or app works as intended when users are located at remote locations.

What does the future hold for digital testing?

In a world where the cost of failure in digital world is huge, the role of digital testing increases with time. There is going to be rapid growth of digital testing in the near future. With the advent of new technologies, the existing methodologies will not survive the test of time and an enhanced process of digital testing will take its place. As the test basis is ever changing, there will be more use of flexible methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, TDD, BDD< etc. There is a huge rise in the development of number of IoT devices. As they access the internet, they are vulnerable to security defects and risks. Therefore, there will be more use digital testing before it reaches the customers. The companies will now focus more on QA and digital testing as they are looking for maximum results right from the start.

There is a bright future for digital testers as well, as there will be need of a more advanced skill-set with the ability of multi-tasking between troubleshooting and coding. It is a definite challenge for all the testers, as they will need to upgrade their skills, as the testing process will be more tool-oriented. There is a possibility of even the automation scripts created by robotic software.


We at TESTUNITY provide the best-in-class digital testing methodologies and investigation processes to ensure the better functionality of your software, application or any digital medium. We offer a wide range of digital testing services for IoT devices like wearables and smart appliances, database/storage services for Oracle, SQL server, Sybase, etc. and REST or SOAP web services. We also offer our testing services for different platforms like android, iOS and other web domains or portals.

We know how difficult it is to build a software and see it running on different platforms. With our wide range of 1500+ QA, testing tools and digital testers with high quality skill set, ensure that you achieve your dream. TESTUNITY is a brand that believes in building strong business relationship through trust and incredible performances resulting in desired results.   

We offer on demand Quality Assurance for as many hours you need, in the different aspects of testing such as automation, functional and non-functional. We understand the need of applying new testing tools with the help of experts to stay ahead in the market of digital transformation. The nature of working as a cohesive unit has helped us achieve 200+ projects in a short span of time.

Come, join us and let us help your product reach its true potential in this ever-changing digital world.


Testunity is a SaaS-based technology platform driven by a vast community of testers & QAs spread around the world, powered by technology & testing experts to create the dedicated testing hub. Which is capable of providing almost all kind of testing services for almost all the platforms exists in software word.

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