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Security testing

How to decide whether you need Security Testing?

Security Testing is the key to keep your digital product safe in a world with cybercrime at an all-time high. When you launch your product, it is open for people to attack it. This is the reason why you need to take security testing seriously. It involves multiple tests like penetration testing, vulnerability testing, security scanning, ethical hacking and much more. The question arises about how and when to decide whether you need security testing or not. Well the answer is quite simple that you do need security testing for almost all apps. Since anything on the internet can fall prey to cyber abuse or hacking, it is important to keep your product the way it is intend to.

Security Testing involves checking multiple aspects of a project, like infrastructure of the app, database, network, cloud hosting and various other things that affect the functionality of the product. You may have noticed all these parameters are a source to make your product vulnerable to threats and attack, making it crucial for you to allow your application to go through the procedure of security testing.

Data Security is a massive aspect that keeps your application smooth and running. Security system is incredibly important to applications that rely on customer’s information to run successfully. Applications like Paypal and Paytm use customer’s bank details. Their complete app runs on this information and in a world connected with internet, the data travels quickly across the globe. If the system is open to attack, all this information will be lost and the customer can sue the company. Ethical hacking enables your system to be hack-proof and thus safeguard your data. Hackers hack into the app to find the loopholes and then help the testers and writers to come up with solutions. Penetration testing too works on the same level, as it involves producing a prototype of malicious hackers attacking the app on different fronts and see how the app copes with it.

If your app is targeting a global audience then it needs security clearance of multiple countries to make it accessible for their audience. This is where an app that has undergone security testing scores big, as they get the pass easily. It should be able to deal with any kind of cyber threats from any part of the world. Furthermore, when the app is highly secure, the customers believe that the company ensures integrity of data by averting the misuse of data or make modifications to it. Reaching the global market is the only way to make sure that you multiply your revenues. The trust you provide your customers through your application is what draws them to you. Therefore, security testing is important to generate revenue as well.

When is the right time to do security testing?

One of the common mistakes that most companies make is that they put their product under security testing too early. Checking the app for security before you make all of your adjustments and development makes no sense, as the major modifications you make after the testing will remain untested. The ideal time to make your product undergo heavy tests such as penetration testing is when you have made all the necessary changes that you feel are necessary for the functionality of the product. This ensures that all the dynamics involved in your application undergoes the rigorous testing to make it completely secure from outside threats. Vulnerability testing helps you to check on all vulnerabilities of your application. It identifies the small ambiguities that can later come to haunt your application.

How often do you need to conduct Security testing?

In most cases, it depends on your budget but there are a few instances when you need to make your product undergo security testing. It is absolutely necessary to test your app whenever you make a major update to it. More often than not, it creates bugs in the product which later results in a dysfunctional app. The other thing to notice is if your testing is completely based on crowdsourcing then it is better if you conduct the security testing internally as well. This will ensure that sending it to dozens of testers does not result in malfunctioning of the product in any way. In some situations, you need to test your app if the regulations and laws ask you to do so. This happens in a few industries but if your app is part of that industry then it too has to go through the process.


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