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Introducing Cerberus Open Source Test Automation Framework

Software Testing developed an interest as a principal business digitalization enabler. The last World Quality Report of 2019-2020 listed as #1 benefits its offering to business objectives and growth. However, the software testing industry yet reports significant pain points related to testing automation, maintenance, tooling, and skills. Tooling is either lacking or too complex to combine, not contributing enough intelligence nor comfort of use. 

Cerberus graced the official name extending its usage

Cerberus was formally born after its successful detection of imminent release defects! The first product addition allowed us to perform the first automated functional testing for an internal CRM solution. A fundamental requirement was to limit coding for usability, reuse, and keeping tests manageable. It was based on a Selenium web driver and a three-tier traditional architecture with a Java technological stack. The name was recalled for its reference to the Guard of the Hell in the Greek Mythology, combining the three test silos and allowing Web, API, and Database tests.

The decision to move to Open-Source in 2013

In the meanwhile, Cerberus started to be used for the testing of the e-commerce platform. Sharing within the industry, our peers were yet struggling with their test automation work. We decided on the move in 2013, influenced by the value of open-source for product innovation and development. Cerberus was published on Sourceforge and GitHub below a GNU General Public License, providing a first sharing within our local community. Holding in mind the conditions of open-source projects, we approach as a continuous effort code quality, documentation, and sharing via the platform.

During this period, challenging digital transformations were following to ask to guarantee full regression test automation and monitoring. We concentrated on enhancing the flexibility in execution scalability, test management, and traceability to meet those objectives. The possibility to perform end-to-end tests in addition to functional tests was a major benefit during that period. It allowed accelerating by more than x10 the software delivery cycle for specific players. 

Cerberus support key use-cases for implementing Continuous Testing

With new and ongoing updates, you can use Cerberus for various use-cases from development to operations. You can improve your digital experience test coverage by 

Performing the tests on a variety of browsers, devices, and apps. The native connectors for desktop applications, APIs (SOAP, REST), Apache Kafka® support a kind of use-cases: event-driven micro-services, legacy, APIs, streaming, BI, and data science applications.

During the software development lifecycle, Cerberus supports fast repetitions between test execution, management, and reporting. You stimulate using test specifications in plain English, test composition via a library, parallel performance on various devices, and advanced reporting. Native integration with CI/CD solution combined with a one-click opening in ticketing tools like JIRA enables faster and easier bug resolution.

To close the loop, you can use Cerberus to control your customer experience and business operations. The tests performed can be functional and technical, enabling to test complex scenarios. TF1, the number one TV channel in France is using it for its streaming platform quality assurance. Advanced scheduling, alerting and notifications leave you time to focus on more significant activities. Web performance and analytics dashboards are also available to allow you to identify bottlenecks with 3rd-party integration or particular customer experience conditions.

Why TestUnity?

Testunity is a SaaS-based technology platform that is driven by a vast community of tester and QA spread around the globe. We provide end to end software testing cycle and ensure the best results. Testunity works with a mission to bring down the cost of testing without compromising on the quality of the product. TestUnity has expertise in all testing domains and processes. We will help you in getting better and effective testing results without spending much of your software testing. Testunity helps in delivering the project on time and without any bugs or issues without the need to spend much on testing.

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Testunity is a SaaS-based technology platform driven by a vast community of testers & QAs spread around the world, powered by technology & testing experts to create the dedicated testing hub. Which is capable of providing almost all kind of testing services for almost all the platforms exists in software word.

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