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Technical Skills Every Software Tester Must Master in 2023

Technical Skills Every Software Tester Must Master in 2023

DevOps has become a widely accepted methodology; a new-era software development process that involves real-time changes and updates, making testing a continuous activity in the development cycle.

Current QA trends emphasize the use of low-code/no-code testing tools and CI/CD tools to manage accelerated product releases. Testers need to improve their technical skills and even become “code-savvy”.

Therefore, upgrading technical skills is inevitable for a tester or software tester to keep up with the ever-changing development cycle.

This blog lists the top six technical testing skills every tester should master in 2023.

1. Software Development Lifecycle Management Skills

Quality testers should learn software lifecycle management skills to help them understand application development tasks and easily plan test cycles.

Having an overview of the SDLC cycle can help predict application complexity, which can guide developers to take the right steps in advance. SDLC testers are the voice of the customer. When they understand what end users want from a software product, they help articulate expected results early on, helping product owners and development teams focus their attention in the right direction.

2. Agile

Methodology As the software development process becomes more and more complex, so should the software testing methodology. Agile testing becomes more efficient when software product development is broken down into deliverables as it provides an iterative development approach. During the software development process, the team can iterate to get feedback from end users, so that the software product is continually improved.

Some of the skills a tester should have are:

  • Working understanding of the principles of agile software development methodologies
  • Ability to generate new test cases when code is updated
  • Ability to work in a collaborative environment and respond quickly to changing customer needs Perform testing efforts over short periods, also known as sprints, to achieve deliverables
  • Ability to anticipate possible bugs and bugs for new releases
  • Ability to perform regression testing throughout the cycle of software exercise development life

3. Create comprehensive test plans

Test plans consist of detailed documents describing the test strategy, schedule, deliverables, budget, and resources needed to test a software product.

The test plan is a blueprint for performing software testing activities as a defined process, therefore test planning and documentation skills are essential for every tester as they help to identify the correct requirements and to take the appropriate measures.

This skill also tracks changes in requirements, checks the testing process, detects deviations, and assists with report writing and documentation.

A well-documented testing process also helps individual testers and companies allocate the appropriate budget and resources to projects, which is why test planning and documentation skills are key skills that every tester should acquire.

4. Understanding Test Automation Tools

Testers should embrace automated testing for several reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ensure continuous testing on the SDLC
  • Automate repetitive test cases
  • Automate test cases that are critical and require careful observation
  • Automate tests to run on several different hardware or software platforms

With the development code / low-code test automation tool, testers can lock test case execution, write code once and run it indefinitely, which saves a lot of manpower.

In-sprint automation enables faster execution times and enhances the role of testers by allowing them to test multiple builds in a single sprint.

However, different automation tools have their capabilities and drawbacks; in comparison, tools like selenium are open-source tools, and testers should have coding skills and a good understanding of Java, Python, and other scripting languages.

5. Know what to automate and when

Knowing a test automation tool is not enough, testers need to know when to automate.

Automated tests are only useful if the test cases are repeatable; for example, automating regression test cases can be beneficial.

For things like exploratory testing that require real-time, critical thinking must be done manually. Test cases that require subjective verification should also be left to manual testers.

6. Reporting

A good tester should also have good reporting skills. Due to the different stakeholders involved, the tester must provide the exact status of the test project and the application. This reporting practice provides senior management with the necessary transparency. Help teams find bugs early in the development cycle.

Testers should have the skills to manually generate test reports or use tools with built-in capabilities to generate comprehensive test reports.

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Regardless of years of experience, testers should strive to continually learn and improve their software testing skills and knowledge. Whether self-taught or participating in a training program, testers must continually learn innovative approaches, methodologies, and processes to improve test performance and continue to apply new skills that help them stay ahead. ahead of the competition.

When it comes to QA, nothing is better than having the correct people in charge. That’s why we make sure that everyone on our team is qualified and accredited on some of the industry’s best practices. 

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