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9 Reasons Software Testing is a Better Prospect than Development

As the world becomes more and more digital, we can see a steady increase in the number of different applications being developed for other platforms. Regardless of the type of application, they require software developers and software testers to ensure product quality and adhere to project guidelines.

In computing, testing and development are two different terms and are distinct key phases in the software development life cycle as they both support the validity and existence of a program.

In a nutshell, software development refers to the process of software development, while software testing revolves around analyzing software to identify its bugs and effectiveness, in addition to evaluating certain features. software.

Top reasons why you should study software testing rather than software development

Although there is a long debate over which of the two has a better future, testing has the greater possibility.

To back up that claim, we’ve compiled nine top reasons why the test might win. Let’s take a quick look.

Greater responsibility

Only some software can succeed as a product/service. Testing ensures that users are satisfied and use the application without errors. As digitization continues to bring new software, no matter how it was developed, it needs to be tested.

Moreover, testing is the last step before a company launches a product and therefore bears greater responsibility.

It takes broader skills

In technology, the truth is that people with broader skills have more opportunities to move up the corporate ladder faster. In addition to traditional testing skills, testers must be able to properly read and understand development code to identify and explain why something is inefficient or wrong, and how it can be improved.


It’s more difficult to perform than development

People who can perform difficult tasks have better prospects than those who cannot. Although test training sessions are available, their value in the real world is often questionable.

As a tester, you have to use your experience and creativity to get the job done.

More Expectations

Companies expect a lot from testers. From executing each test case to documenting all test cases, to checking the system for bugs, everything should work perfectly. When something goes wrong, the tester is usually blamed.

Adopting new technologies

The field of technology changes frequently. While developers need to embrace technologies, testers need to embrace them, even more, to keep up with changing development models and methodologies. In addition, the test area is also equipped with new technologies. For example, test automation, which is in high demand today, will grow rapidly in the future, and testers will need to adopt it.

Testing has become a central part of emerging technologies

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things require basic software testers. IT organizations using these technologies have begun to invest more in software testing than they otherwise would. As the tech world relies heavily on these technologies, we can expect the scope of testing to only increase.

A paucity of skilled testers

Unfortunately, the testing market is filled with poor-quality testers. Although most of them have many skills and techniques, they often struggle to answer some simple questions, which is why companies are constantly looking for competent testers. This is not the case with the development environment, which is not only saturated but full of very competent developers.

One person, with many personalities

Developers should think primarily about the development process, while testers should think about different ways to understand and accomplish tasks. He/she cannot think like a tester. Instead, this person should think like a developer, different types of end users, stakeholders, and product owners. A tester wears many different hats, which not only broadens their horizon of knowledge but also adds a lot of value to the job.

It’s more challenging

As the field of technology advances, testers often have to encounter different types of questions and puzzles. On the other hand, the field of software development does not experience such frequent changes. Therefore, those who wish to enter a difficult field should choose software testing.

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With the advice above, it can be said that software testing can be more difficult than software development. It is well known that jobs with more demanding responsibilities are likely to have higher job satisfaction, pay, and outlook than jobs with relatively manageable responsibilities.

When it comes to QA, nothing is better than having the correct people in charge. That’s why we make sure that everyone on our team is qualified and accredited on some of the industry’s best practices. 

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