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The Big Data Testing Challenges You Should Know About

While testing, a broad spectrum of challenges and obstacles might appear which can impact the complete testing process and results. When it comes to big data testing, the challenges become much more serious. Big Data testing is not a cakewalk. Several complex hurdles might appear in your path when you are managing these complicated tests.

Just imagine you require to test 500 TB of unindexed and unorganized data which has does not have any associated cache. Is it scary to think right? In case you believe that the challenges that you might encounter during the testing involve slow process, unknown errors, errors during transmission, and uncleaned data, you are nowhere nearby to the actual challenges that might appear in the picture during the big data testing procedure.

Top Challenges in Big Data Testing

The main challenges that you are likely to face while carrying out the big data testing have been caught here. This information will encourage you to design a robust testing process so that the quality will not get discredited and you will be well-equipped to overcome these challenges.

1. The Huge Volume of Data

The huge volume of data that exists in Big Data is an extremely serious concern. Testing large and voluminous data is a hurdle in itself. But this is simply the tip of the iceberg. In the 21st century, most business enterprises need to store Petabyte or even Exabyte data that they have obtained from several offline and online sources.

The testers have to ensure that the data that is being tested and measured is of benefit for the business entity. The important issues that appear due to the high volume of data include storing the data accurately and preparing the test cases for the particular data that are not consistent. In addition to these obstacles, the full-volume testing of the huge data is next to impossible due to the size part.

2. High Degree of Technical Expertise Requirements

If you think you will need an excel spreadsheet to test Big Data, you are living in a fairytale. As a Big Data tester, you require to have a precise understanding of the Big Data ecosystem. You require to think past the usual parameters that are associated with the manual testing process and automated testing method.

If you are thinking to go with the automation testing procedure to ensure that no data is lost or promised, you are smart. This is because this machine-driven method makes ensure that all the variety of probabilities is incorporated. But if you use this method, you will have to maintain a large number of software which will make the testing procedure more complicated and difficult.

3. High Costing and Stretched Deadlines

In case the Big Data testing method has not been properly regulated and strengthened for optimization and the re-utilization of the test case sets, there is a chance that the test cycle will exceed the expected time-frame. This challenge could take a serious turn as the overall costs associating with testing will enhance, and maintenance issues could occur as well.

The stretching of test cycles is not very different when a tester has to manage and carefully examine large sets of data. As a Big Data tester, you require to ensure that the test cycles are accelerated. This is possible by concentrating on robust infrastructure and utilizing proper validation devices and techniques.

4. Future Developments

Big Data testing is quite distinct from the usual software evaluation procedure that one conducts from time to time. The Big Data testing is carried out so that new methods can be observed to get some kind of sense of the huge data volumes. The methods that are included in testing big data must be carefully chosen so that the final data must make sense for the tester and the company. The future development challenges appear in the case of big data testing as it concentrates on the functionality aspect.

5. Understanding the Data

To introduce and perform an effective big data testing model, it is required for the tester to have proper information relating to volume, variety, velocity, and a value associating with the data. Such an understanding is of essential importance which serves as the real challenge for the tester who is carrying out the test method.

Understanding the data that has been obtained in a large quantity is something that is not easy. The tester might find it daunting to estimate the testing efforts and important elements without having a proper idea about the data that has been obtained. Similarly, it is of supreme significance for a Big Data tester to get an idea about the business practices and the association that exists between the different subsets of the data.

Big data is making a rapid move and is going to modify how we live, how we work, and how we think. To be successful, testers must discover the parts of Big data ecosystem from scratch. The idea is to promote the big data testing quality which will help to recognize defects in the early stages and decrease overall cost.

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