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Tips to improve ROI in Test Automation

In the world of Digital Testing and Quality Assurance, Test Automation has become a huge thing and is now seen as a solution to many problems. Test Automation is not something that comes cheaply. You need to have a solid investment at the beginning to ensure that the whole system works. However, even after the good investment and all the testing process involved, companies still do not see the kind of returns that they hope to get at times. So, the big question that pops up now is that of how to improve the ROI in this complete process.

When you invest a big amount of money in making something beneficial or profitable for you in the long run, you need to ensure that the whole process works just the way you want. Otherwise, it is an absolute waste of money. If you too are facing such an issue, it is important to incorporate the necessary steps to improve the whole proves and in turn increase your ROI. You need to have a grip on things. Now if you are thinking about the different things you can incorporate, we have come up with a list of tips to improve your ROI in terms of Test Automation.

First and foremost, do not automate the whole process

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to automate the complete process and leave it to the automation test to ensure your success. The ideal thing to do is to automate only the high-priority things. Your team needs to decide the tasks that need test automation where there is no need of humans at any stage. While selecting such tasks, you need to keep certain things in mind like test environment, its impact on the tasks, hardware dependence and so on. You then need to identify the exact tasks that demand test automation. Some tasks need human intervention and you cannot avoid that. Moreover, test automation demands a much bigger investment at the start and that is not something you want to do for every other process.

Have a robust team having high quality skillset

The most basic and important thing you need to do is to have a great team of testers and creators who have high quality skillset. They help in deciding and creating the test data with their multiple years of domain expertise and planning. If the data plan is not right then your ROI will definitely take a hit. Therefore, make sure that you hire good personnel at your place. Moreover, as mentioned above, not all tests can be automated and hence the importance of manual testers increase manifold.

Your test data is of great relevance

Better the test data is better will be the test automation results and in turn better ROI. You need to create test data that is relevant to the test cycle. If you include any redundant data in the test data, the tools will conduct the test automation for those steps as well, thereby increasing your cost.

Create test data that does not hamper the UI

While creating the test data, make sure that you do not create any data that can hamper the working or appearance of the UI for no reason. A sudden change in the UI of an app or website can be a huge turn-off for the user. At times, the changes you make in the test process may not work for the successive versions of the same application or webpage. Therefore, make sure that you create data that is in accordance with the existing UI.  

Identify the tasks involved and divide it accordingly

When you start with test automation, it involves a ton of tests and activities. The best way to move forward is to identify the tests and tasks involved in the whole process and divide it accordingly to ensure that the tests are effective in the best possible way. You may club complex tasks and give it to the right team to come up with ideal tests. This helps in prioritization and in turn allows you to divide the work in the most efficient manner.

The tools you use should be top-notch

Test automation requires a lot of tools and the quality of the tools involved matter a lot. The process and the test case scenario depend on the tools you use. The test management, the bug tracking and reporting takes a big hit if you are do not use the right tools. Therefore, make sure that you use the right automation tools through and through.

Review your tests periodically to improve maintenance

This is a basic tip but is something that not many companies keep in mind throughout the testing process. When you review your tests periodically, you not only ensure that the process is working to the point but also allows you to make a necessary change.

By including these tips in your test automation, you will have a successful process and in turn helping you increase your ROI. These tips not only improve the efficiency but also help in cost-cutting. Be specific and direct about the whole test automation tests and process to get a better ROI.


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