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Emerging trends that will define the next 10 years of Software Testing!

Software testing has become a huge thing in the recent years and is well on course to be the biggest thing in the technology industry out there. The reason for such strong claims is how the world is moving forward while embracing technology in all possible ways. In the last decade and a half, the world of software technology has seen a ton of changes with the addition of DevOps and Agile. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has furthered the software industry in its position as being a major industry in the world.

The world is moving towards a stage where everything is digital and connected to each other. Governments of several countries are coming up with policies and plans that promote digital technology. Considering thiss entire shift in the technology industry, is there any chance that Software industry and software testing in particular will change the world in the coming decade? Well, according to many experts, the answer is a big YES. Let us look at some of the emerging trends that give us an idea about such a possibility.

No industry left without the touch of technology

It would be safe to say that there is hardly any industry left in the world that has not had a touch of software testing in them. Be it healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, fashion, travel, insurance, hospitality or any of the hundreds of industries out there, you know how technology has reached every aspect of a human life. To provide value to the world, companies around the world are looking after how people (customers) receive their product. Answer to that is quality assurance, which leads to Software testing.

Agile and DevOps over Agile or DevOps

One of the biggest mistakes most companies made was to choose between Agile and DevOps. Now that more and more companies have realised the excellent results of integrated use of Agile and DevOps, the results are just astounding. It was absolutely wrong what the IT companies did when they thought that going the ‘only Agile’ way or the ‘only DevOps’ way. Close to 88% of total projects that use the combination of Agile and DevOps brings out the best results and releases. It is only going to improve with time and end up hitting a target audience that is huge enough to cover the entire world. People have now understood that choosing sides is not always good and rather having a collaborative approach will benefit you a lot.

Quality Engineering instead of Quality Assurance

This has been a game changer in the recent years and is only going to change the industry even more in the coming years. Instead of creating an average product and then assuring its quality, companies have realised that it is better to invest heavily and smartly in quality engineering to produce top quality results. In the next 10 years, there will definitely be an improvement in the QE department to make the products better in every which way.

Integration of AI and Machine Learning

Many pundits have been dismissing the possibility of AI playing a huge role in the future developments and technology due to its lack of intellectuality. However, with the integration of AI and Machine Learning, the AI is now more potent than it ever was. It is more adaptable and receptive to changes and able to do the continuously for long hours. The AI will surely be looking after more complex and repetitive activities to eradicate the human errors. The interaction of AI and ML will also allow you to create specific tests for each test case for different products.

Analytic-driven business decisions

The world of commerce is running after live time data to improve the user experience. We are slowly reaching a world that is driven on user experience data from multiple sources. Companies want to give their customers the best experience and hence are going for the analytic-driven business decisions and it is directly helping them in the growth of the business as well. However, the current challenge in this is to find run-time data and clean data. With the right step in this direction, Big Data can finally come into play and make everyone’s lives easier. For this, you need excellent tools and devices that have undergone the best of software testing.

Everything aims to reach the stage of super integration

The world is aiming to reach a stage where there is absolutely no communication gap whatsoever. This can only happen when the world can connect to each other in real time. This requires a world where everything is connected to everything. It won’t just be the packages of smart cities but also the smart homes and smart people in the end. Some say that it will take a bit more time than the next ten years to reach this stage but there will definitely be some huge steps in this direction to ensure such a smart world.

You now must have understood how these emerging trends are changing the world of software testing. Furthermore, this shift in things will be huge in the coming years as it will change the world we are living in. The lifestyle, communication, transportation, agriculture and several other things are going to change in the next decade due to these technological advancements in Software Testing. We are in for an exciting ride ahead.


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