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8 Best Vulnerability Assessment Scanning Tools

8 Best Vulnerability Assessment Scanning Tools

Computer systems, applications, software, and other network interfaces are exposed to a lot of threats. These threats need to be recognized by experts as potential risks. Further, these threats are classified into various types. Then these vulnerabilities are prioritized, and the issue is fixed for the safety of the system. There are tools in existence that can fish out the problems impeccably. They are called Vulnerability assessment tools.

Before we go to that let’s have a look at the word vulnerability assessment and how it’s classified.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

The term vulnerability assessment is self-explanatory. Assessing the vulnerabilities in a system or application is known as vulnerability assessment. These vulnerabilities are very hazardous for big IT techs or huge enterprises. These entities require to undertake proper vulnerability assessment and work on the recommendations directly to cancel out any possible threats to the system.

These threats can give access to hackers to invade the security system of any giant company and employ it to their advantage cause enormous losses to the company. Hence, it becomes essential to address these problems through a vulnerability assessment.

To carry out this assessment efficiently, one requires to use some already available tools like the task cannot be performed manually with complete perfection. These tools incorporate some scanners which scan the whole system for any possible threat and create an assessment report for the user to go through and work upon it accordingly.

There are a lot of kinds of vulnerability assessment that can be carried out in a system, such as: –

  • Network-based: Identifies possible threats and vulnerabilities on wired and wireless networks.
  • Host-based: This examines ports and networks related to hosting like servers and workstations. It is like a network-based scan but gives a better and detailed scan of hosts.
  • Application scans: This examines the websites in order to figure out potential threats and vulnerabilities in software.
  • Database scans: Scans databases to discover possible vulnerabilities in them.
  • Wireless network scans: Examines the company’s Wi-Fi networks to discover possible leaks and threats.

Top Vulnerability Assessment Tools

There are various paid tools available for the purpose, but if you do not need to spend money on vulnerability assessment tools, there are some tools that are available as open-source and you can utilize them for the necessary task without paying anything. Here are some of the best vulnerability assessment tools that are ready for you:

1. Qualys Vulnerability Management

This tool can appear a little expensive to many, but the fact is that great things come at a cost. Although Qualys Vulnerability Management is costly than most other vulnerability management tools, it gives extensive protection from possible malicious attacks.

  • Qualys has the ability of working under extreme internal complex networks and works behind the firewall to scan for vulnerabilities.
  • It can also examine the cloud storage system for security purposes. Further, Qualys Vulnerability Management can also examine the shared networks geographically, which is truly commendable.
  • It claims that its efficiency goes up to 99% making it an almost excellent tool that figures out most of the vulnerabilities and grants them to you for fixing and patching.

2. Nessus Professional

Nessus Professional is one of the best tools available for vulnerability assessment scans. It examines the system for compliance. It also explores the Internet protocol addresses and the websites for any potential hazards that can attack the system later on.

  • Nessus examines all the sensitive data to protect it from hackers and malicious attackers.
  • The best part about Nessus Professional is that it is simple to use a scanner that comes with a user-friendly interface to allow the users to enjoy an easy experience.
  • Nessus professionals can also discover an SQL injection attack which is hard to discover.
  • It gives a detailed and unlimited assessment of the system.
  • Nessus Professional is the sort of vulnerability scanning tool that provides deep insight into the vulnerabilities of the system and exhibits all network threats.

3. Skybox

Skybox has great user reviews for its ability to protect the system from dangerous threats and system dangers. Skybox is unique because it gives the assessment of the vulnerabilities of the system without using any scanning methods.

  • Skybox gives you with the advantage of prioritizing the threats which encourages you to look at the threat, which is most dangerous at the present moment.
  • The prioritization helps you to determine about which threat is supposed to be fixed first.
  • Skybox is great at scanning for blind spots. It uses third-party scanners to scan for threats and then utilizes its own intelligence to prioritize them.
  • After preparing the report of the threats, it gives the advantage of controlling vulnerability which makes it very effective at what it does.
  • It is better to use Skybox in medium to large-sized companies.

4. Intruder

Intruder acts just like its name. Its scanning capabilities are based on the cloud. The software tool scans for any security breaches in the complete computer system that would give out a way for the malicious attackers to meddle in the system and exploit the security of the user.

  • For a simple vulnerability scan, Intruder allows tens of thousands of checks to assure the security of the system.
  • The intruder appears with a notification offer. You can be emailed the notification after it finishes scanning the whole system for any breaches.
  • Even the records of the scan of a month can be aggregated in a PDF format, and you can choose to accept it through email every month.
  • It is a friendly software and can even be linked with other software to present better results to protect the system.

5. Tripwire IP360

Tripwire IP360 can secure the system from various vulnerability threats. It can work on significant systems and create reports about such systems so that the user can protect the necessary files. It also allows management of the cloud environment. Tripwire has several other features like protection from vulnerabilities, security controls, security management, and many other advantages.

  • The structure of Tripwire IP360 is renewed and updated with the present time requirements.
  • It can classify the high priority hazards and low priority ones.
  • It has the capability to satisfy all requirements that one can have from a vulnerability management tool.
  • Tripwire IP360 gives you with the advantages of all such tools by bringing them in one place for your integrated use.
  • It scans through the assets of the company to protect them securely.

6. Wireshark

This vulnerability assessment tool keeps its notice across the networks of the system. The report created by this tool can be observed in the TTY mode. Another method of viewing the results of the assessment is through employing a graphical user interface that presents you with the whole assessment report.

  • Wireshark captures the features of threats, securities in the live-action and saves them for later.
  • When the system is offline, it examines the data collected and creates an analysis report for the organization.
  • It can read multiple files of varying formats that act to the additional benefit of the user.
  • It can operate on various operating systems which incorporate Windows and Linux.
  • The analysis report can be transformed into simple and plain text for the user to know it easily without diving under into the computer science terms.
  • It helps decryption too for some particular protocols.

7. BeyondTrust

BeyondTrust is ideal for someone who does not need to spend some bucks on vulnerability assessment tools. BeyondTrust is an open-source and completely free application for anyone to use and evaluate their systems. BeyondTrust is available online and easily available to anyone who wants to utilize it.

  • BeyondTrust explores the network systems, virtual environment, and operating system.
  • It also examines the devices and computers to scan for vulnerabilities. Along with vulnerability identification, BeyondTrust allows its management with the help of some patch fixes.
  • The tool is designed to improve the ease of use and does so brilliantly with its user-friendly interface.
  • It also strives at risk management and prioritizes the threats.
  • The vulnerability assessment tool can be joined up with other software and can be used to examine the virtual environment.
  • Further, it also encourages the scanning of virtual images. Having so many features for free software is really commendable.

8. Paessler

Paessler, a vulnerability assessment scanning tool, appears with higher and advanced technology. It presents advanced infrastructure management to the concerned system. Paessler employs technologies like simple network management protocol, representational state transfer,  windows management instrumentation, application program interface, structured query language, and many others. By employing so many technologies, Paessler gives an advanced management system.

  • Paessler can monitor over a broad range of systems which covers internet protocols, firewalls, Wi-Fi, LAN, SLA, and many others.
  • The event report is available via email. Any potential risk triggering objects are scanned and tested, and the user is notified if any malicious behavior is seen.
  • Paessler supports the web interface for various users at a time.
  • It gives the facility for monitoring the network connections by a map that is visually acceptable.
  • Apart from monitoring the data accurately, Paessler provides you the data, demographics, graphs, and all the numerical data associated to the data which is assumed to be monitored.

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There are many vulnerability assessment tools that are available both for free and at some fundamental cost. It is very essential to secure the system from possible cyber threats and malicious attacks so that your company or organization stays free of the danger of the outside world.

The main purpose of these assessment scanning tools is to defend the leaks and patches before any malicious purpose intruder can figure it out to utilize the system.

So select the one which satisfies your requirements and take a strong step towards securing your system from vulnerabilities.

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