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Documentation Testing: 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind

Documentation Testing: 5 Important Things To Keep In Mind

Testing software products is not the only center of testers; it’s also crucial to test documentation for these products. High-quality documentation is significant to all sides: customers have some questions about the support service and don’t rush to decline the product, while it’s simpler for the team to learn how the product should function. 

What is Documentation Testing?

Testing the documented artifacts that are generated prior, throughout, and after the testing of a product is recognized as documentation testing. It is a non-functional kind of software testing.

We know that bugs found in the testing phase were more expensive than if they were found during the requirement phase. The price of fixing a bug rises exponentially the later you discover it. So documentation testing can begin right from the start of the software development process to save a huge amount of money. 

It exercises a lot lesser to fix bugs at an early stage. In fact, proper documentation is a proactive approach to detect defects and save project costs.

Documentation testing involves correcting spellings and grammar in the documents using available tools and examining the documents manually to detect errors, uncertainties, or inconsistencies in the documented artifacts.

Document testing is done by examining some relevant documents. Those documents are:

  • Test case specifications document
  • Test incident report document
  • Test log document
  • Test plan Document
  • Test procedures document

5 things to keep in mind while performing Documentation Testing

Documentation testing has an important role in Software Testing. Here are some things to pay attention to when operating documentation testing:


All kinds of things (especially the most important ones) must be defined, and this description must be completely relevant. No one wants to read outdated data. Besides, the documentation must be precise, logical, and consistent, just like a good book.



Customers usually begin checking the documentation when they have some difficulties. When it happens, they virtually forever are in a bad mood. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that everything is easy to discover; the documentation must be easy enough to satisfy the requirements of any customer, even if they are upset or in a hurry.


If any action is irreversible, it’s necessary to inform customers about this. It’s also important to define how to deal with reversible actions.


No one will take the documentation sincerely in case, it’s full of grammar mistakes, so ensure that they are absent.


Consider the target audience and employ appropriate vocabulary. Simple users won’t be happy to discover t that the documentation is written in a complicated language that they don’t understand. 

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Poor documentation can influence the quality of the product. Good product documentation plays a significant role in the final product. 

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