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Game Testing: Emerging Trends and QA Role

The gaming industry has been one of the most virtuosic sectors in the past few years, with game manufacturers presenting better digital experiences than ever before.

With the continuous growth of the gaming industry worldwide and the development of new technologies, brands are alluring to try out new features and emerge new platforms.

However, it is important for the gaming industry to focus not only on upcoming trends but also to broadly understand the needs of their users. Without knowing who their gamers are, where they are, and how they play, even the most successful game manufacturers won’t be able to keep up.

Some of the emerging trends that will change the gaming we know today

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

The worldwide gaming industry is on the verge to reach more than $180 billion by 2021, reflecting the uniform growth of interest and software/hardware combinations. Keeping this impressive growth rate in mind, it is essential for game manufacturers to develop their mobile offers. Whether on Smartphones or tablets, implementing games that can be played on the most popular device/hardware combinations has become a key step for these brands to develop.

Gaming in the APAC Territories

Asia-Pacific territories represent the largest portion of gamers, capturing about half of the global gaming revenues in 2018. China is currently the top-ranked country in terms of revenues and number of game users. 

With those numbers in mind, customizing content and features for specific regions and countries is now a key aspect for gaming brands. Game manufacturers benefit in a lot of ways from their localization efforts to driving better engagement and loyalty, the advantages are obvious.

QAs role in Game Testing

Here is a list of things a QA should make sure of, during game testing:

  • Game manufacturers are investing in the games playable on the most popular gadgets to reach revenue growth. And here comes on the stage, the need for compatibility tests. Apart from laptops and PCs, smartphones, communicators, and game consoles are the latest playing platforms to undergo testing. 
  • QA needs to analyze graphics, screen content, and its proper display on a mobile device.
  • QA engineers should check the battery consumption, its impact of general game performance, intrusions, and all the other points that affect the user encounter.
  • QA should ensure that the game is compatible with the gadget and nothing prevents the user from feeling the atmosphere of a game. It is better to begin the tests at the early stage of development. The earlier you find them, the easier you’ll fix them.
  • QA engineer should keep in mind that the game content and features are localized to the specific regions and countries. In this case, they need to verify content errors, check whether default language, date, time are designed as per TA, and run through UI compliance with the cultural patterns. 
  • QA should ensure that the game should have a powerful background to immerse a player in another world. The right use of sound, graphics, characters, actions make the user feel they explore a new world.

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