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How to Optimize Customer Experience Using Testing

Finally, the world has come to the realization that everything in the industry should be customer-centered. By establishing the business around customer requirements, you are more likely to get consumers and keep them involved in what you are doing. If you truly care about what your customers require and give the best service, you will have customers and profit. If you are affected in sales only, you are likely to lose consumers who see that you are indifferent near them. 

It is time to test the customer experience.

You may believe that by testing and improving various components of your business, you can improve the customer experience. It is partly true. Yet, if you test customer experience, you are expected to obtain how customers behave at each step of their journey and what steps they never get to. Therefore, you will optimize steps that require development in the right order.

Moreover, you will be able to move from prognosticated behavior to real behavior and optimize digital customer experience according to what is actually happening and not to what is printed on paper. 

So how do you test customer experience? Here you’ll discover the art of testing and how to optimize the digital customer experience according to test results.

Choose Your Fighter

The main question you have to ask yourself before getting begun is “Who will test?” With customer experience testing, you have three choices:

  • ?rowdsourcing: This is a collection of people who are socioeconomically and culturally alike to your possible customer. They are not specifically customers, but they do share the related background. It can be a large group so that you can get feedback from highly diverse sources. If you are able to learn from and provide these various buyer personas, you will be able to win the recognition of many customers.
  • In-House Employees: In-house testers know what to watch for and how to give feedback. However, they are not consumers. You can place yourself in the consumers shoes, but you will never be able to be them. Therefore, conclusions can be not full.
  • Control Group: It is a collection of potential clients. They are not close to clients like in the first group, and they are not attempting to be clients as in the second case. This is the target audience at its most excellent. It is simple to follow their customer journey, and it will be more practical than you will ever be able to create in your head.

You may join groups or pick only one, depending on what kind of feedback you want to listen to. If you want to satisfy a larger number of customers and attract more people, choose the first one. If you need professionals to test your business and take charge of the method, you are free to pick the second choice. In the case where you want to be as accurate as possible and get a real customer journey and digital customer experience opening in front of you, the third choice is designed for you. 


Create a Customer Journey

Follow your consumers on each step of the customer journey and discover out what makes them stop at various stages or what keeps them employed. You can determine what features customers lack while utilizing your app or product by continuing through their typical day. Such an approach could also help you recognize at which step of a customer journey you might be spending most of your customers and at which stage you are getting them. After the evaluation of the results, you can operate on the weak sides and improve the strong ones. If you feel that you don’t have sufficient knowledge to build a correct customer journey, you can take a course about that on the edX educational platform as it allows many programs on this matter.

For example, you develop a mindfulness app. Your client has been busy and forgot about their 15-minute session through lunch. Do you have notifications? They had a bad day at work. How will you motivate them? They feel like they are not getting any progress. Do you have their decisions map? Follow a day or a week of the customer, and you will understand exactly what they require.

Get Customer-Facing Teams Involved

Nobody gets a consumer better than a consumer and or someone who faces consumers and their problems every day. In order to receive the best digital customer experience testing plan, include teams other than quality assurance teams. Sales and customer service are not specialists in testing, but they may provide you a hint on what requires a closer look. They have been on the real-life battlefield, and they understand more real experiences than predicted experiences. 

Customer support and sales teams can convey surveys in order to the level of customer satisfaction with the service given and to discover the main areas of improvement.

Test Emotional Experiences

When it arrives at digital customer experience, we deal with human beings—not only tech views of the product subject. People have multiple psychological and emotional patterns that influence their experiences. 

You want your clients to be appended to your product, and it is possible by implementing various methods. You can convey relevant messages through your channels to support them. You can get them to smile with funny messages. You can leave personal by congratulating them on birthdays, causing cultural-appropriate campaigns, requiring how they feel while using the app, etc. 

Sometimes you really can justify the product’s small imperfections just because it makes you feel great, and it really does imply. 

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Summing Up

There are only four levels between you and customer experience testing. These four steps will take you closer to a customer-centered business and the great advantages that it includes.

Pick your testers, follow the customer journey, build a cross-team working experience, and do not forget that consumers are humans and have emotions. As easy as that!

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