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Importance of 5G Software Testing

The need for faster internet over cellular networks has driven telecommunication companies to the creation of the 5G cellular network. Continuous innovation is driving cellular companies to continuously adapt their approach to Big Data in order to give faster cellular connectivity to their consumers. How will the 5G network change the software development life cycle?

Development and the 5G Network

As we uncover the vast features of 5G technology, we will surely see an impact on the software development industry. With the introduction of a high-speed network with great bandwidth, software companies will have an extended scope without network speed or load boundaries. Before 5G, operating system creators had to compensate with the UI quality because of a slow or low bandwidth system.

With 5G, software companies can build apps that have better UI and functions as these are now simply accessible on the 5G network. 3D map navigation apps are an excellent example because the 5G network will support apps that might utilize heavy data, and maps tend to use large amounts of data.

5G and QA

The introduction of the 5G network will affect the software testing lifecycle as well because QA teams will have new benchmarks to estimate the stability of your application.

For example, if QA teams are testing an app that enables various users to update the same data from many places at the same time, the 5G network will help engineers examine the increased amount of users and data. The testing requirement setup will become easier for QA teams and will take less time on cellular networks, allowing your QA team to test the app’s performance to its fullest.

This latest innovation includes the development of various algorithms, verification, and implementation. The 5th generation of cellular systems is more effective in handling large data loads compared to the earlier generation ‘4G’. The 5G network is more resource-efficient and can process various requests at the same time.

You should examine the 5G network as well as its applications against industry standards. For testing your application on the system, our experts suggest testing:


A 5G network should build a centralized connection – there should not be any hindrance with the network. Test the 5G network against severe conditions such as low coverage areas, isolation, and critical weather.

2. Download and Upload Speeds

Test the network against Big Data, including download and upload speed. Check the data limits for uploading and downloading against time. For instance, a 5G cellular network should enable a user to download and upload all bulk data in minimal time. These tests simply estimate how much data can stream on the particular network layer.

3. Bulk Load on the Network

The 5G network should be capable to handle various requests at the same time while retaining its stability. The network should not crash or go down with huge user traffic.

4. Power Consumption

Hold track of the device’s life when utilizing the 5G network – you would not want the device to bleed out while running on 5G.

The 5G network will introduce a new range for innovation in the device manufacturing fields as well – you require new devices that are able to face the same network capabilities. This will in turn influence testing, as all the apps will be needed to test on the respective network-eligible device.

Technical Challenges of the 5G Testing

  • A complete data-centric 5G network with a very broad and diverse set of applications to examine will need a great effort in standalone testing
  • Test automation, monitoring, and built-in test solution will be needed for analyzing accurately the performance of such a top-notch networks
  • As 5G will deliver many new test specifications and challenges by the usage of SDN/NFV and cloud services, the technology can also be employed for creating new test solutions that address certain markets.
  • Keeping this in mind, cloud solutions are also acknowledged as both the new demand and the new solution for 5G network and device testing

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