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Top Agile Testing Tools In 2021

Agile Testing is a software testing methodology that adheres to Agile Software Development Principles. Agile testing enables you to save a significant quantity of time and resources while assuring a proactive production and traceability mechanism.

Choosing the right agile tool is tricky. A good agile testing tool should facilitate information, track history, and accountability or testing exercises, provide in-depth analytics, and must have the capacity to scale with your company’s growth. Apart from that, it is a must to be unsymmetrical as it can be altered at any point in time. Parallel testing and development is the key to this model. It assures the early delivery of software with the perfect response to the requirement phase from clients. 

Different development methods may be employed by testers in an Agile project to test various functionalities within the program. Often agile software teams use various research methods, such as Exploratory Testing, Practical Testing, and Automated Testing, among others.

Here is a list of the top agile testing tools of 2021:


It is a test management plugin for JIRA available on the JIRA marketplace that allows Agile testing from starting to end. Easy agile testing applications enable you to append feedback to your bug reports as attachments. It informs the whole team about the bugs and their present state.


  • You’ll be able to get regular bug reports.
  • Steps will also have comments appended to them.
  • Immediately build errors within steps.

qTest Scenario

The JIRA plug-in qTest Scenario is utilized for agile testing. It inspires the project team to view agile testing from a test-first viewpoint. The test case generation, execution, defect recording, and results are all managed by the qTest Scenario.


  • It is designed fundamentally for BDD, TDD, and ATDD approaches.
  • Built files can be quickly imported and exported.
  • It comes with a Gherkin editor for situations and future development.
  • Test simulations can be driven manually via the JIRA GUI or automatically using Maven or Ruby.
  • It will apply JIRA to build custom reports and balance velocity reporting.
  • Examines the coverage and features of the tests.
  • It will use JIRA to develop custom reports and compare velocity reporting.
  • It can be connected with automatic test data.


Zephyr is a real-time Test Management Tool that was designed with today’s technological era, recently developed diverse enterprise systems, and dynamic developments in testing processes in mind. It controls all procedures and activities relating to software testing and assures that a high-quality product is produced.


  • It can run with JIRA, Selenium, and other tools.
  • Zephyr for JIRA is completely compatible with JIRA, with a close look and sound.
  • Within Zephyr for JIRA, it imports user stories and maintains track of them.
  • Tests can be created and updated, and test execution periods can be designed.
  • Tests are saved in a layout folder management system so that they can be reused.
  • Zephyr Enterprise displays all projects, sprint, and release details on a single dashboard.


VersionOne presents Fortune 100 businesses with agile tech technologies and services.

VersionOne is an agile testing and project management platform that helps agile methodologies like Scrum, Kanban XP, and Lean, amongst others. With a drag-and-drop GUI, it allows a consolidated view of the backlog.


  • VersionOne increases project information and allow unified project control.
  • Managing stories and epics by multiple projects and project teams is easy.
  • Establishing and monitoring performance through all projects is straightforward, and the project has clarity across the whole project lifecycle.
  • It employs a drag-and-drop GUI to help the user to prioritize stories and bugs.


Atlassian built JIRA, which is an Agile Project Management Tool. Atlassian Corporation Plc is a consulting firm that builds tools for project managers, software engineers, and other professionals. 

Its turnover in 2017 was about $620 million, and it hires about 2,200 employees globally, servicing about 60 thousand clients. Atlassian is well-known for its JIRA platform, which is employed for bug monitoring, preparation, recording, and project management in agile software development. Although Jira doesn’t have test management ability by default, it does have a lot of plugins that help in handling test cases in an agile environment.


  • Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methodologies are backed by JIRA.
  • It has a robust monitoring role that provides users access to hundreds of reports detailing team success in real-time.
  • Plans and forecasts give a framework for making well-informed judgments.
  • JIRA Query Language was employed to create custom filters.
  • It can be utilized in combination with developer software to give end-to-end traceability.


For agile testing, PractiTest is utilized as a test management platform. It is easy to learn, cheap, and adaptable, and it helps both developers and testers. PractiTest covers specifications, test runs, performance, difficulties, and documentation, as well as a complete project status. It controls all tasks and manages the production and testing methods.

PractiTest gives data to multiple stakeholders – developers, testers, senior management, and so on – in the form that they want. It has the potential to display data in a variety of ways at a glance.


  • It will act with tools like JIRA, Jenkins, Selenium, and TestComplete, amongst others.
  • To manage and locate content, it uses a hierarchical tree structure.
  • A dashboard is a versatile tool that can be personalized to incorporate meaningful and reliable data.
  • Current data is simply imported.
  • Complex database queries are easy to perform.
  • Produces manual tests and arranges them according to sprints.
  • PractiTest has the potential to generate glitches right in the middle of a test run.


QMetry is an open-source agile testing platform that was designed with DevOps in mind. In comparison to other methods. QMetry allows the agile team to develop, maintain, and deliver applications faster. It is a flexible method that incorporates effective test scheduling, personalized analytics, test automation, and Continuous Integration.

QMetry gives a JIRA plug-in that gives advanced test measurements and reports to JIRA users. QMetry benefits from Continuous Integration and Continuous Development automation. It changes the effects of automation into quality measurements and a concise overview report.


  • It enables you to create and manage a vast number of user stories and test cases using agile testing.
  • Agile testing allows test preparation, implementation, fault management, traceability, and full coverage.
  • QMetry for JIRA is a tool for handling testing tasks in agile projects.
  • User stories and situations can be related using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Testing operations are traced using a personalized dashboard and comprehensive review results.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a generally used agile automation platform in the tech industry. Because of their multiple advantages, the words “Agile” and “Automation” are commonly used in today’s technology.

Managing any project in agile methodology and managing repeatable tests using automation – Selenium WebDriver for a web-based application– is genuinely expected in the tech industry.

Selenium WebDriver is broadly used in agile projects because it enables each team member to add to the automation of test cases.


  • Selenium WebDriver can only be employed to simplify browser-based software; it does not run on desktop applications.
  • Selenium WebDriver makes it easy to build a keyword-driven interface that simulates how a real user will interact with an application by automated test cases.
  • It helps you to record automation scripts in JAVA, C#, Python, Ruby, and PHP.


Worksoft, the market guide in continuous test automation for enterprise applications, is now the first choice for multinational corporations looking to drive Agile-plus-DevOps projects and accomplish real end-to-end business process automation on a broad scale.

Worksoft Certify is an Agile testing system that enables non-technical customers, engineers, and test automation experts to cooperate in an Agile manner and match seamlessly into DevOps tools, chains, and processes.


  • Build automation closer to the implementation sprint, where documentation is top of mind, to support Agile adoption.
  • Describe and register current company procedures and variations in an appropriate manner.
  • End-to-end business method verification through corporate practices is now possible.
  • Manage a high degree of productivity in the light of dynamic technology environments and general application changes.
  • Discover and repair data transmission and device difficulties before they trigger production interruptions.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a project management app that encourages you to schedule your projects. It is based on the Agile development framework, but it can be seen in a number of project models, including Cascade, Iterative, and V-models.

Through agile training, the tracker also helps in iteration preparation. It helps in the division of a big undertaking into smaller projects or parts that can be quickly managed and distributed. With the assistance of a clock, the agile team finishes the project on time.


  • The team’s shared view helps in project work prioritization.
  • Envision the complexity of the project and the collaborative forces of the team.
  • The project team gets a real-time progress view that presents the team’s status.
  • Will get a straightforward and cohesive picture of who is accountable for which task and what the next job for every team member is.
  • The tracker’s powerful search help also preserves routine searches to be utilized later as required.
  • Appending data, presentations, and other objects is as simple as dragging and falling

Final Words

Congrats! You’re now well-equipped to continue working in an Agile fashion. A point to acknowledge is that project management advancements are fast. You must keep yourself notified of the most recent agile methods and whether your tool has them or not.

Without a doubt, the Agile method is one of the most successful project management methodologies. All of a sudden, these agile testing tools fix everything!

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