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What is the significance of Regression Testing in Agile?

What is Regression Testing and when should it be performed?

Whenever a software or application is created, there are certain changes made in the code from time to time to improve the overall functionality of the same. Regression testing is the process of tests that are performed to check how these changes affect the working of the whole system. The aim of this black box testing method is to identify bugs and discrepancies caused in the existing features of the software due to the changes made in the code.

Regression testing should be performed every now and then when there is a change in code. It basically is a series of retests done on all the features and should be performed in the following situations.

  • When the product features are enhanced
  • When new patches are added
  • If there are small changes made in the configuration of software
  • During an integration with other products
  • When there are modifications done on the source code due to an additional feature
  • When there are changes in the code to improve performance and efficiency

Now, if we talk specifically about Agile methodology where coding and testing are performed simultaneously, regression testing naturally becomes an incredibly important part of the whole setup. This is pretty much the only way to ensure the product’s stability with every added set of codes or features. Continuous testing of the added codes ensures that everything is in order. For this, different types of regression testing are used like unit, partial, complete and build-level testing.

What is the significance and benefit of performing Regression Testing in Agile?

Agile methodology focuses on producing fast results with shorter sprint cycles than the waterfall method. The focus here is to create short test cycles so that sprint development cycles and the iterative testing cycles take far less time than usual. Performing efficient regression testing cycles is the only way to go ahead in such cases to ensure that the functionalities of no existing features are compromised. The whole build of the software should remain unaffected by even the slightest of changes in the code.

Regression Testing has some direct benefits when it comes to Agile and they are as follows:

  • Continuous regression testing in the Agile environment helps in building a stable product. All the sprints in the agile development and testing phase in a way to test whether the existing features and functionalities perform exactly the way they were intended to, even after the changes in the code were made.
  • The biggest benefit of regression testing in Agile is that it helps you detect the bugs and issues early on in the development stage. This helps you make the changes and rectify any mistake before it becomes a huge problem. The early detection of errors always make it easy for testers and coders to make the changes, as it reduces the total number of lines of codes that need to be changed.
  • Since it is basically a re-run of all the tests, automating regression testing can free up the testers to indulge in more innovative works. Additionally, automating such tests directly speeds up the whole process.
  • Regression testing in Agile ensures a high standard of quality in the end product. This continuous approach of regression testing helps in creating a product that is virtually error-free, which directly translates to the users having a great experience while using it. Therefore, it also plays a crucial role in giving your customers a smooth user experience and through a properly functional user interface.

Accommodating regression testing in Agile methodology is the only way to perform and complete the SDLC in such cases. Creating continuous tests on a regular basis is not that easy and for this you need an experienced set of QA experts and software testers. Once the basic test cases are created, you need automation testers to automate the repetitive tests to save you time and money.

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