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A complete overview of PTaaS

With continuous advancements in the field of technology, computer systems are getting equipped with robust security features. However, even with the latest security patches and updates, they are still vulnerable to security threats. Such threats can pose a serious risk to the personal and sensitive information that is stored in a company’s database. 

As each IT firm possesses sensitive information about their clients, it is of prime importance that they discover and remove such threats, as and when they occur. PTaaS, also known as Penetration Testing as a Service, is a solution, which ensures that each of the vulnerabilities in the system is detected. Under PTaaS, the applications, infrastructure, and the computer systems of a firm are attacked persistently with the motive of finding security vulnerabilities.  

When we talk about IT security, most businesses go for third-party professional testing as they can identify and remediate those security issues that can’t be discovered by their in-house security team. To give you a holistic overview of PTaaS, we’ll first take you through its process, followed by its benefits.

The process of PTaaS  

PTaaS is carried out through a simple process- the client can continue to use, manage, and build their applications and infrastructure while the PTaaS servers would continue to scan all the resources for threats and vulnerabilities.

Once the vulnerabilities are identified, the third-party professionals would analyse the threat by exploiting it in a restrained environment. After the threat has been identified, analysed, and confirmed by the testers, they then inform the client through the selected communication channel.

Though the process of PTaaS is somewhat similar to that of conventional penetration testing, it is considered to be an enhanced version of it as it provides real-time monitoring along with flexible billing systems.     

The benefits of PTaaS

PTaaS is suitable for those enterprises that provide B2B solutions and those businesses that require penetration testing routinely.  Here are a few benefits that PTaaS can provide to its clients:

#1. Long-term budgeting

If we take an in-depth look into the firms that provide PTaaS, we’ll find that most of them offer contracts that are based on a monthly billing cycle. This makes the expense on such services fixed and regular. Plus, these contracts make budget approvals easier hence giving way to flatter spending and long-term budgeting.

#2. Real-time reports

The primary reason behind the inception of PTaaS was to provide direct communication of reports to the client rather than the long, detailed, and polished reports that were given at the end of the month. Under PTaaS, when a new vulnerability is discovered, the client is notified immediately. Once notified, the client can take immediate corrective action to ensure that the threat is neutralized. Thus, real-time reports are one of the chief benefits of PTaaS.

#3. Automated scanning

The vast network of applications, infrastructure, and computer systems can become extremely difficult to scan. If performed manually, there is always a chance that a vulnerability would remain exposed and this could pave the path for more serious problems.

In PTaaS, the scanning for threats and vulnerabilities is completely automated. This implies that the extensive network can be scanned efficiently, leaving no threat or vulnerability exposed.        

#4. Availability of latest reports

As new viruses and threats emerge nearly every day, it is essential that they are identified as soon as possible. One of the chief benefits of PTaaS is that it gives way to the availability of the latest reports, ranging from last month to last week’s reports. Through these frequent reports, it is ensured that the client’s technological infrastructure is always secure against threats and vulnerabilities.

Today, Penetration Testing as a Service has become the need of the hour for every IT firm that deals with sensitive information. It ensures that their entire network remains immune to external threats and vulnerabilities. If you are looking to hire Penetration Testing as a Service for your firm, you must ensure that you outsource it to a trusted enterprise. This is because they would have the authority to administer attacks on your system to find security risks and would also have access to sensitive information.

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