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Why is Test-driven Development necessary?

Developing a high-quality application from scratch is the chief motivation of every programmer. However, the process of software development is evolving by the minute, and new tools and databases are getting released every day. To keep with the latest trends while maintaining higher code quality, most of the programmers today rely on Test Driven Development.

TDD or Test Driven Development refers to the practice of fabricating test cases for specific functionalities before the implementation code gets written. The test should fail when it is run for the first time so that the developer can write the code to pass it. The process ensures that every intricate detail of the application gets individual attention.

Also renowned as Test First Development, the inception of TDD has come as a boon for developers around the world, as today it gets viewed as a primary step for software development. Here are a few reasons which prove why Test Driven Development is necessary:

#1. Narrows down your focus on every little detail

It is a well-known fact that every developer is more productive when it comes to coding. Through Test Driven Development, both your productivity and focus would get enhanced in manifolds as it would narrow down your attention to the tiniest of details.

Under TDD, you would have to create one failing test for every functionality. After the test gets formulated, you would put your entire focus on passing the test. With Test Driven Development, you would narrow down your focus on the smallest chunks of functionalities instead of channeling it to the whole application.

This focused attention would make sure that the developed application would have top-notch code quality.  

#2. A fewer number of bugs

Test-Driven Development often results in several tests, which eventually gives way to longer periods of test runs. As the developer would cover each line of code thoroughly, bugs would get identified and solved as and when they occur.  

A study conducted by IEEE Software found that Test Driven Development can reduce the number of bugs in an application by 40-80 percent. This showcases the reason why TDD is necessary for the field of software development. Not only it helps in reducing the number of bugs, but it also helps in lowering the cost of development in the long run.       

#3. Better and safer code refactoring

Code refactoring refers to the process of reforming the code of an existing application to improve its implementation, design, and structure. Once you pass the tests of Test Driven Development, you would have a safer and better environment for code refactoring. This is because the knowledge you would have acquired while passing the tests would back you up throughout the process.

You can conduct Test Driven Development, even when you are not the author of the original code. Hence, if you get your hands on someone’s untested code, you should carry out TDD first. This would put you in a position to refactor the code better while having the confidence that you wouldn’t ruin anything.

#4. Lowers project development timeframe

It may seem that Test Driven Development could increase the time required for developing applications. There are even sources that have mentioned that TDD can increase the project development time-frame by 30 percent. However, none of these facts hold any ground when we look at it in the long-run.

According to a research study carried out by Eric Elliott, who is the founder of Parallel Drive, applications that got created with Test Driven Development were easier to develop in comparison to those applications that weren’t. This is primarily because with TDD, bugs get identified and solved as and when they occur, which reduces the time needed for application maintenance and support. 

Hence, Test Driven Development helps in enhancing the efficiency of the software development process. It enables the developers to steer clear from duplication of code as they write a few lines of code at one point of time to pass a test. Following Test Driven Development would make sure that the code quality of your application is of the highest quality.

In simple terms, Test Driven Development would benefit both the developers and the client- the developers would be able to develop the project with ease, and the client would get an application that would meet their expectations.


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