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crowdsourced testing

Everything you need to know about crowdsourced testing

Loads of testing techniques are put to use in the software development life cycle to produce the best quality products that meet the needs of customers as well as the stakeholders. Crowdsourced Testing is one of the widely used testing techniques. It is known for getting the best results with maximum efficiency in the least possible time. This test exploits the benefits of crowdsourcing and cloud platform by using testers from all around the world to check the product in diverse conditions.

The testers can work according to the specific needs of a company or work on the overall process as well. They test for bugs in the software and the problems a real world user might face. They help the company identify glitches and thus produce a reliable product. In this article, we will explain all the benefits and uses of this upcoming testing trend that is taking over the market because of its efficient and quick results.

Following are the major benefits of including Crowdsourced Testing on your product:

Cost effective

The best advantage of this type of testing is that you pay according to the number of valid bugs tested. Furthermore, since the testing time is much less than the traditional style of testing, you do not have to invest in full time QA testers. You can hire the testers on an hourly basis and this helps you save a lot of money. The ‘pay for performance’ model encourages testers to come up with their best and, thus, help you understand all the glitches.


When you are under pressure to release a product within a set deadline, Crowdsourced Testing provides you the flexibility to scale your tests and come up with the goods within the set time. On demand hiring of testers help you complete the testing process as per your time constraints. It also helps when you have to make quick bug fixes in your application to make it perform better. This type of testing can help in making improvements that you might have not thought about in your initial plans.

Faster results

When you opt for Crowdsourced Testing, one thing you can be sure of is that you will get quicker results than in any other traditional tests. Since this type of testing includes testers from all around the world, you can allocate different sub-tests to different testers and let them work cohesively using the cloud platform. Since the testers are from around the world, there will be testers available for you 24×7, making sure you get results as quickly as possible.

Global access

Crowdsourced Testing makes your testing techniques truly global because of the plethora of testers available at your disposal. You can test your product through testers from anywhere around the world. This is extremely beneficial for products that target an audience based on specific target demographics. Using the testers from that particular area will help you understand the necessary changes your product requires to lead to the maximum customer satisfaction.

Real world testing

Most of the traditional testing methods have simulative user experiences and other programs or software running your product by creating a pseudo real world environment. Crowdsourced Testing has a great advantage in this regard, as it uses real world testers from around the world to test your product. It helps in having an understanding of what people think of your product across the world. Another advantage of real world testing is that your product gets tested on different browsers, operating systems, hardware and devices. This increases the adaptability, usability and functionality of the product by having the insights of people from different regions.

Improved expertise

The major drawback of traditional tests and in-house testing is the limited expertise that is on offer. As there is such a huge variety of testers available in Crowdsourced Testing, you are sure to gain effective testing with a global pool of experts. The crowdsourced testers are impartial with their views and give you the real picture while in house testers can have intrinsic biases towards their product. You can identify the expert testers and hire them again in future for your other products as well.

Where can you use Crowdsourced Testing?

Now that you know the benefits of Crowdsourced Testing, here are a few situations when you can use this type of testing.

  • When your product is for a specific target audience, availing the services of crowdsourced testers gives you the best results. You can hire a pool of testers from the concerned area as they understand the demographics of the area better. For example, a game like Angry Birds or Subway Surfer comes up with different versions with attributes of specific cities around the world. Hiring testers from the specific cities or that country will help understand the mistakes in the game and the changes required to please the local customers.
  • You can use Crowdsourced Testing when you are running short on time. With testers spread across the world, you are sure of getting services whenever you want. Thus, this helps you complete the project inside the time set.
  • You can also opt for Crowdsourced Testing when your in-house testing team is not giving you the desired results. Having the view of outside testers will give you unbiased opinions. With their expert services, you can make your product better.

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