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Business Benefits Of Crowd Testing

Business Benefits Of Crowd Testing

Software enterprises over various business segments are embracing lean principles across several business functions. This also involves the QA discipline where abundant opportunities exist to leverage the skills of resources in hand.

Organizations are already resorting to outsourced software testing since it ends in significant cost savings while assuring that the testing activity is done without any hurdles. Crowd testing is one of the developing trends that has picked up pace as it presents an opportunity to leverage the abilities of the global testing community.

Crowd testing also lets organizations capitalize on the benefits given by the sharing economy. Organizations can create lean in-house QA teams by utilizing crowd testing to its maximum benefit.

Is there a magic wand to get begun with crowd testing? Definitely not! However, it is necessary for organizations to understand where crowd testing fits in the large scheme of things.

Understanding the advantages proposed by crowd testing over in-house testing can work as a great starting point for crowd testing.

What is Crowd Testing?

Crowd testing (or crowdsourced testing) is an emerging trend where the potential of the global testing community is provided for testing a software product. Crowd testers who sign up for the product (or feature) testing belong to various segments, thereby allowing the enterprise to have the features (or product) tested on various browsers, devices, and more.

The testers who sign up for the testing activity rigorously test the characteristics along with proposing the potential areas of improvement.

Advantages Of Crowd Testing

Here are the major benefits granted by crowd testing over in-house testing and outsourced software testing (to a certain extent:

Increased Flexibility

Shipping a quality product under tight timelines indicates that enough time requires to be invested in the testing of the product. However, this is simpler said than done!

Thorough testing at a large scale can only be accomplished by putting more resources on the testing front. Crowd testing helps understand this scale, as crowd-sourced testers (in large numbers) can engage in the making of a high-quality product.

Companies should explore crowd testing services irrespective of the size or scale of the product. The significant plus point is that it helps in enhancing the product quality at a faster pace.



Cost savings is one of the important benefits given by crowd testing. It decreases the dependency on the in-house testing team, which can be better employed in testing other aspects of the product.

Such a sort of parallelism in feature (and product) testing is majorly likely with crowd testing. On the whole, crowd testing is a much more efficient testing approach in comparison to in-house testing.

Wider Test Coverage

Crowd testing lets enterprises deliver better test coverage as tests are conducted on a wide range of platforms & devices. This helps in discovering bugs that might have been difficult to figure out with conventional testing mechanisms.

The volume achieved through crowd testing helps in promoting the product release cycle. Since the tests are conducted at different loads, it also helps in enhancing the website’s (or web app’s) performance.

It is suggested to partner with a crowd testing company in case you need to give shape to the crowd testing procedure.

Experience meets Commitment

A major percentage of crowd testers have a sufficient amount of domain and usability experience. Since crowd testers are excited about their subject, they take extra effort to discover bugs in the product.

To top it all, many crowd testers are working professionals who aim to utilize their experience in discovering bugs (from an end user’s perspective). Rather than getting lost in the crowd of crowd testers listed on various online platforms, it makes business sense to associate with a crowd testing company that has access to top crowd testers in the community.

Finally, quality takes preference over quantity (of crowd testers). Company into crowd testing services will help in accomplishing that end goal.

Improved testing output than Internal Testing

It is a known fact that internal folks who are serving on several aspects of the product will be more attached to the product. Having a passion for the product is good but it might check the lateral thinking of the internal employees who are running on the project. This is surely not a problem but it might not help in realizing test scenarios as a section of the exploratory and ad-hoc testing approach.

This is where crowd testers can do a much greater job in comparison to internal testers. However, the advantages granted by crowd testing will outnumber the benefits offered by testing conducted by the internal testing team.

On-demand Availability Of Crowd Testers

In many enterprises, all the employees involving the internal QA team might be overloaded with a lot of effort. Long working hours and tight delivery timelines might guide to a creative roadblock on their thought process.

Enhancements in product quality can only be accomplished by making the most of the capabilities granted by the internal testing and crowd testing teams. That’s not all, you can also leverage the capabilities given by the crowd testers discovered in various time zones.

This is where a company like TestUnity that provides a plethora of crowd testing services can be instrumental in enhancing the quality of the web products created by its clients. Since the company has immense experience in the testing field (including crowd testing), it can help the customers in performing tests at scale.

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It’s a Wrap

Crowd testing is one of the prominent emerging trends when it gets to testing web products on a large scale. Testers who are a member of the testing assignment conduct tests on real devices and various user environments. Companies can accomplish top-quality results by opting for crowd testing over internal testing. In fact, the blend of crowd testing and internal testing works like a charm for the validation of functionalities in web products.

Rather than choosing a random crowd testing platform, it is recommended to partner with a crowd testing company like TestUnity that has immense experience & expertise in the field of code verification & testing. At TestUnity, we strive for the highest quality in every project, and our professional QA specialists are ready to ensure it. Contact us if you’re looking for a dedicated team to enhance your product’s quality.


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