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Why should you use crowdsourced testing?

One of the most popular testing techniques used in the field of Quality Assurance and Digital Testing is Crowdsourced Testing. There are many reasons why you should use crowdsourcing to test your product with the use of cloud platforms. The biggest one is that It helps you reach the goal of producing the best product faster and more efficiently!

The following are few of the major reasons why you should opt for crowdsourced testing.

Reduced Cost and Overheads

When you are launching a product on a global scale, you surely want to reduce your costs. At the same time, you do not want to compromise on quality. Crowdsourcing lets you do that by providing a wide range of experts around the world from different backgrounds with fewer financial investments along the way. Hiring permanent staffers adds on to the overhead cost with salaries, tax payrolls, benefits, etc. and their services won’t be fully utilized during downtime.

Minimize the management

With every new project, you may need additional experts in your team to increase the efficiency of the team and get the best results. The addition of experts not only adds on to your cost but also requires more management on your side. Every new product will require a lot of management in every phase right from the conceptualization, different revisions and to the final selection. Crowdsourcing helps you complete all the tasks by using thousands of experts around the world. This ensures you have less burden on your shoulders. Thus you can use the time for more creative processes and help make the product better.

Explore your options

The major advantage of crowdsourcing your testing needs is that you will have a wider range of options that best suit your needs for you to choose from. With having a plethora of users, you can choose the expert with the best credentials and expertise. Then, you can avail the experts that best suit your budget plans. By exploring the outside world of experts, you may find better experts than your in-house team. They help you improve your product in quick time.

Enhance the quality of test results

With most in-house teams, the testers are under a bit of pressure to perform in a certain manner. They may also have a strong emotional attachment to their own products. This doesn’t allow them to fully express themselves or work to their full potential. With crowdsourced testers, there are no such parameters involved as they work independently and thus come up with best and impartial results.

Better real world environment

With testers spread across the world, you product gets tested under different environments. The testers use different browsers, devices, hardware, operating systems, etc. Such varied conditions make sure that your product has seen all the possible environments it may get used in. It also helps in understanding the problems in your product when it is for a specific target audience by availing testers from that particular area itself.

Create buzz in the market

Crowdsourcing will help you create buzz in the market, as more people will talk about your brand or product. Including the outside world in your processes will automatically help you reach a wider audience and thus increase the chances of getting potential clients. When you treat your crowdsourced experts well, your reputation as an employer increases in the world of freelancing, thus prompting more experts to work with you.

How secure is crowdsourcing?

Some people have doubts over the idea of crowdsourcing as they have doubts over efficiency and security. Availing the crowdsourced testing services through a trusted platform like TestUnity will help you get maximum benefits with assured security. People often have security concerns of whether a tester can hack into their product and indulge in theft of information. With proper background check on every expert associated with us, we offer you the best services with professionals who follow a strong code of ethics. Furthermore, we have experienced testers who make sure that your product undergoes all necessary tests under different real world conditions.

What do other testers think about crowdsourcing testing?

The wide range of testers are enjoying the increasing influence of crowdsourced testing in the field of QA and Digital Testing in general. This is creating a competitive world of active of freelance testing experts from different parts of the world. The different testers are relishing the new challenges set by different clients and are coming up with new testing techniques to tackle them. The expert testers are increasingly generating a reputation and are providing excellent services to help maintain their name. With TestUnity, we assure you of having the services of such experts from around the world to help reach your product reach its true potential.


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