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SaaS Testing: Everything You Should Know About It

Testing of any software needs a very in-depth knowledge of that particular method of testing. This not only helps in developing skills but also gets out the best effective results of testing.

SaaS Testing is also one of them which is well known as Software as a Service(SaaS) which is one of the models of Cloud Computing. SaaS also termed as Software as a Service is always available to customers over the Internet at any time instance. SaaS helps in reducing the overall cost of working for an organization and also increases efficiency.

SaaS Testing

SaaS testing is taking over age old ways of testing methods. It has acquired a good amount of space providing huge and diverse services on Cloud platform. Once the development process of application is completed than SaaS testing is got into action. The way of testing is decided on the basis of software which customer provide wherein in the old method the same testing tools and cycle were used on every project.

The major reason of the world moving towards this methodology is because it provides On Demand Testing Service or you can say Pay as per your use. This helps in getting good results with limited resources and overall reduce the cost which is a major part of any Software development life cycle.

Why SaaS

Cost Reduction in Software deployment and maintenance process

Fast and Easy Fault recovery

Flexible Resources and Scaling

Quick deployment and easy accessibility

SaaS testing is considered to be one of the fastest and effective products delivery options.

Traditional vs SaaS

Advantages over Traditional testing:

Maintenance and up-gradation cost is less

The risk factor is less.

You pay as per your use.

Easily accessible

SaaS testing needs deep knowledge and understands whereas Traditional testing methods are the same which are been used for decades.

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