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Everything that you should know about On-Demand Testing

In a perfect world where you have all the time and money you require, your software can be tested from start to end tackling each and every issue as it seems. But, ours is a fast-paced world with strict deadlines and quick results as the standard. Hiring a testing expert would be a clear choice. However, it will prove to be an expense for you since the tester has to be paid even when there is no testing needed. The best answer for your condition is “On-Demand Software Testing”.

What is “On-Demand Software Testing”?

On-Demand Software Testing is a testing service that is available for you anytime you want your software to be tested. This service can be availed according to your testing requirement and schedule. You can hire tester/s on an hourly, regular, monthly, and dedicated basis. This method surpasses as such a testing team will be a mix of expertise and knowledge.

On-demand testing is a great way to address the market demand for a flexible, fast, yet effective, and economical method to reach quality assurance without any long-term engagement. The power of the crowd (crowdsourced testing) can be the ideal solution. You can either hire the complete QA team of experts or encourage the effectiveness of your current team. This way, you will speed up your testing method, make it more productive, and get the most accurate testing outcomes within the shortest terms and a better cost structure.  

Testing-as-a-Service is another form to call on-demand testing. As a rule, it absolutely fits organizations that face burning deadlines and have restricted budgets. In case you start using this type of testing, you get access to a large number of tools, platforms, and environments to conduct testing in a most brilliant way. 

The Advantages Of On-Demand Testing

But why do many organizations prefer this type of testing? Let’s find out the real benefits granted by on-demand quality assurance. 

It Is Extremely Fast 

Working in developing markets and having strict deadlines is a common thing for most modern companies. This is where the development and testing speed might have a significant influence on the overall performance of your software. 

Fortunately, fast releases become possible when using on-demand testing. Now, there is no requirement to hold your QA method on weekends and wait for Monday morning to begin testing with your in-house QA team. On-demand testing is here to break all these barriers and give non-stop testing without any restrictions. For example, TestUnity, a leading on-demand testing company, can give you the first testing results in just a few short hours. 

Moreover, there is no requirement to spend your time looking for the most innovative testing software, as well as purchase tools and applications with high learning curves, and that you are not feasible to use for future projects. Do you need to conduct exploratory tests on the revolutionary feature? Want to test your application on various mobile devices? On-demand QA is always here to support. 

It Is Cheaper Than You Might Think 

When common users discover defects in certain software, they are likely to remove the app immediately. This obvious problem might cost your organization thousands of dollars and a bad reputation. Therefore, most companies prefer to spend more on efficient QA rather than fix bugs after the release. 

The good news is that now you can collect your money for testing, too! For instance, using an on-demand testing service will seem to be much cheaper than hiring an extra expert to join your QA team. Unlike your own hiring method, with On-demand QA there is no extra hiring, training, or maintenance of resources costs required. The secret is that you can use this kind of service from time to time according to your business requirements. Scaling and cost-effectiveness are among the advantages that are highly valued by on-demand testing customers. In other terms, you can save both your time and money. 

It Is Effective 

There is nothing new that most companies are focused on speed and productivity. On-demand QA can advertise both. This kind of service prevents QA from transforming into a bottleneck of the development process. To put it in brief, it becomes a part of your workflow and helps you get the best from testing without slowing down. Comprehending the maximum from QA efforts is required for all software testing projects.

It Boosts The Quality Of Your Software 

No one requires to risk when it occurs to the final quality of the product. The reason is that the results for any business might be too broad scale. Quality is the heart of any application, so each organization tries to do its best to improve it. 

It is vital to discover critical defects and flows in the software before the customer. A mixture of automated tests and crowd testing is the best method to find all serious bugs and drawbacks in your software before your app perceives the world. 

What software can be tested using “On-Demand Software Testing”?

You can avail On-Demand Software Testing for any kind of software that is being developed or going through various changes. Whether you have a mobile app or a website or any other software, “On-Demand Software Testing” is handled by professionals with testing as their sole center and thus gives the best results.

TestUnity continues to be one of the high-end on-demand testing companies with lots of outstanding characteristics. You can benefit from both utilizing our powerful mobile QA management software tool and crowd-testing services given by real QA experts. 

With TestUnity crowd testing services your testing can ramp up or down depending on the requirements of development and testing cycles. 

You don’t require to have any technical skills or engineering background to start utilizing our solutions. Just tell us what you to test, share your expectations, and start taking the amazing benefits of using reliable testing services for a fair cost. We promise to deliver top-notch services and give a particular approach to each of our customers.

In case you are looking for a reliable on-demand testing companion, please contact us at for more details.   


Testunity is a SaaS-based technology platform driven by a vast community of testers & QAs spread around the world, powered by technology & testing experts to create the dedicated testing hub. Which is capable of providing almost all kind of testing services for almost all the platforms exists in software word.

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