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Volume Testing

Everything you need to know about Volume Testing

Volume testing enables one to put the system under the stress of thousands and millions of data files and examine them further to working in a perfect working position.

It enhances the data load drastically and checks for effective work points or the areas that need utmost attention or improvement.

In Volume testing, the developer intends to have tough, efficient, and cost elective software which creates volume testing in the field of software development and maintenance so important.

Typical performance test or the load testing cycle normally is the combination of both volume testing and performance tuning that assure in turn that the system is working the global benchmark system of the working.

What is Volume Testing?

Volume testing is a kind of testing that is software-based where the software is subject to the stress of a large volume of data, this type of testing is also acknowledged as flood testing.

Volume testing is basically done to do an analysis of the system performance by improving data in the given database volume.

This is used for the subject of response time impact and the system behavior that can be examined when it is presented to a high volume of data.

Let us take an example of testing the music site behavior it provides access to millions of users to download songs from the library of thousands of available songs.

What are the benefits of Volume Testing?

  • Through the help of volume testing, we can recognize the load issue, which ultimately can save a lot of money that will be employed on application maintenance.
  • It assists to have quicker decisions with better scalability plans and executions
  • It helps in recognizing the challenges and acquires the bottleneck present in different areas.
  • By doing volume testing you have the support that your system is working completely in its competency and capability in real-time world usage.
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What does Volume Testing include?

  • Test whether there is any data that is lost through the procedure
  • Check out for the system response time
  • See if data is stored in the current location.
  • Countercheck if the information is overwritten without any warning or notification
  • Now, look at whether the great volumes of the data affect the speed of the processing system or the application.
  • See if the system application have the aspired memory resource or not
  • Conduct the volume test on the whole system.
  • Check for any of the data volume greater than the defined given requirement
  • Review the requirement in the agreement.
  • See that no higher volume data should appear more than specified.

Procedural steps of Volume Testing

Testing software volume allows the in-depth testing of the performance to let us see what are the procedural steps included in the volume testing. 

  • Test management that may involve checking for the test environment
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Test tool comparison and procurement
  • Implementation of the system
  • Building test labs
  • Building automated test systems and framework
  • Script development of the system
  • Test scenario development
  • Test implementation development
  • Execution of the test
  • In the end, producing the test outcomes.

What are the objectives of volume testing?

There two basic objective of the volume testing which is defined as below-

  • To review for the load of the volume on the given data representation on the which the whole balance of the system is based and if not cumulated correctly then the quality can be compromised.
  • To recognize issues that can prevent the system failure before it reaches above the coveted volume targets given in the service level agreement.

Keeping these objectives in mind let the developer or tester have a method that can meet the necessary expectation.

Characteristics of volume testing

Let us see some of the basic significant characteristics of the volume testing

  • Small quality of data is normally taken during the testing stage of software development.
  • As far as the volume of the data is affected if it improves then the performance is nosedive.
  • The raw base of the generation of test data is the design document,
  • As the insight of the data is not much needed hence the importance of data is not so much driven.
  • When we are through in the software testing the tester will log and follow the results further, this concludes the final step toward the ending of the test.

Let us see some of the examples of the volume testing

To really learn the example of volume testing let us look at some of its examples-

When a developer is operating on the application or the system development that has to be applied in more than thousands of the laptop or computers then one should stimulate the functions that appear to have the same number of the computers that will be in the application in real-time.

We have to understand all the actions to be performed are in real-time and should be ultimately concentrated on the activities which are performance-based.

This may including all information like file opening, creation of the file, and finally, the processing of the data.

If a developer needs to test the application with a database of a given defined size then the corresponding database should be developed in volume by appending more data in the database until the targets are attained.

What are the best practices to perform volume testing?

  • All servers should be suspended and all logs should be checked.
  • Properly execute the situation of the applications manually before loading the test.
  • Developer should stay out the number of users if a useful outcome is desired
  • Balance of think time is a requirement if there is essence contained.
  • Once the baseline has been verified the scope of improvement should be a check upon.
  • One must be cautious about the new build.

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Therefore, Volume testing does the testing of applications on the basis of a big number of files in the database as much as possible. Volume testing examines checking if the system response to an expected volume, which may cover the time for the increment in the size of the given file. 

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