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Reasons for the burning need of Jira test management tools

With the rise in the demand for the best quality software products and applications by the end-users, we are perceiving fierce competition in the software development market. Every single day a new startup appears aiming to be a market leader via maintaining to be the best quality software, product provider. However, many of these startups failed to do so and earn the title of false claimers with their brand names and within days wind up their businesses. This is all because of the emerging trends in the market, the brilliance of the end-users when it comes to assessing the software products of various brands and new technologies. Software testing comes in place as a key success factor for various organizations while other organizations are still in the decision process of how to conduct an efficient software testing process to provide to the demands of users about quality. 

Testing is a method full of troubles like executing test cases, duplication of tests, communication gaps within the teams, and many more. To provide these challenges of software testing, Jira test management tools demonstrate to be a great helping hand for test managers and teams.

Reasons for using Jira apps for test management

Reason 1: Most teams know the Jira environment

The overall user experience is one of the most crucial characteristics of almost every software. The interface quality affects the time users need to learn the tool and use it with maximum efficiency. Choosing a Jira app for your test management solution assures that our team continues to work in a common environment. The team needs to be informed of the core functionalities the app brings and the test process itself, but that is yet just a small part of what requires to be done when we’re starting an entirely new tool.

Reason 2: Test management can be included in the development process

The main purpose of managers who choose a test management solution is to verify its ability to model the test process they are intending to work with. Testing activities require specific characteristics of the solution. What was a significant disadvantage when using pure Jira for test management is now brought to the table by the dedicated apps. Of course, each solution is different, and we require to decide which one will suit us best, but we can be sure to obtain basic testing functionalities in each app. We’ll be able to generate effective test cases, plan testing cycles, report on progress, work on transparent defect tracking, and more.

Reason 3: You and your team benefit from using built-in Jira characteristics

One of the most significant pros of using Jira apps is that they blend with the Jira environment itself and all its characteristics. Jira is an excellent issue tracking solution that grants users a wide range of options for customizing the way it works. If the app is heavily based on Jira issue types, bear in mind that we can build your own custom fields to store extra data or configure the workflow including all its mechanisms. Other apps append their own modules or views to the project. If that’s the case for your option, it’s worth a while to check if it is well integrated with the Jira interface.

Reason 4: Seamless integration defines relations between objects 

In the end, there is always the matter of integration between several tools our team uses for accomplishing various tasks. The more tools are there in our setup, the more complicated the task becomes. Dealing with various interfaces, multiple sources of data, separate maintenance processes, and ways of carrying out the integration can become quite problematic. Extending Jira with an app ensures the best integration. We have one point of administration for both project tracking and testing activities. This is a great benefit, since we keep all the data in one place and there is no requirement to switch tools for performing several tasks, be it daily work or technical, maintenance tasks.

Modern test management is an important process for developing software products and having all testing activities organized needs a well-suited and robust tool. If we are using Jira for project tracking, we should surely consider extending it with a test management app from the Atlassian Marketplace. It is an excellent way to get the testing process operating while keeping all necessary information in one place.

If you would like to know more about how apps can enable your test management process, feel free to contact us at TestUnity.


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