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Software testing is the idea where the application is examined for meeting the functionality expectation. One of the sections under which software testing is performed is known as functional testing. There are several Functional testing tools that are ready to work on functionality testing

The list of functional testing is to examine every little feature of the software to assure its working capability. This process of testing checks on the characteristics to operate as per expectations whenever a user gets access to the software. 

What is Functional Testing?

Wondering to understand What is Functional Testing? Then let’s overview the functional testing definition to know the meaning of functional testing.

Functional testing is the kind of QA software testing, In which all the functional requirements are examined by the QA experts. The purpose of Functional testing services to deliver quality application functionality and present it more error-free.

What Are The Tools Of Functional Testing?

Before you go forward and check on functional testing advantage, you must understand the different functional testing tools which are involved in executing the testing job. 

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is considerably one of the biggest scalable automation clouds for mobile, web, and hybrid applications. It is a reliable platform that encourages the companies boos their development cycles with enhanced quality of the software. 


Selenium is one of the most common open-source functional test automation tools or platforms intended for web applications. There are various components installed within this suite to control different properties of automation testing. Selenium is an excellent tool for most of the system environments that cover Linux, Mac, and Windows.


TestComplete is yet another commercial tool for sufficient testing of desktop, mobile, and web applications. It supports several types of scripting languages, including C++, Python, JavaScript, and others. In addition to that, you also receive a record & playback feature for evaluating the testing process.


Ranorex is installed with GUI recognition, reusable test scripts, record & playback, and many other advanced characteristics for seamless web, mobile, and desktop application testing. Moreover, this platform also supports Selenium integration for efficient web application testing. 

These are very few of the highly preferable tools intended for executing the functional testing properties onto the software for determining its true potential. 

What are the Advantages of Functional Testing?

Here are some of the advantages of software quality assurance functional testing that you must keep in mind to know the effectiveness of functional testing:

User Satisfaction

Functional testing has the single motive of assuring that the software gives satisfactory performance for the end-user or the business customers. The users require to get the easy-way-out by utilizing the application. They do not need a software or application that is full of defects and unsuitable functionalities. 

No Defect Assurance

Once the software passes through the functional testing phase, all the minute faults and errors will be discovered and eradicated to streamline the software functions. As a result, you will receive the software that is free from all types of defects and loopholes. 

Enhanced Functionality

With functional testing, the application loopholes can also be recognized easily. If there is a scope of improvement in the application coding or attributes, the developers would comply with the test results and do the needful. It will ultimately help improve the functionality of the application. Moreover, this test would ultimately give insight into the fact that the application is operating right according to the expectations. 

Better Security

The functional testing attributes will also look after the security aspects of the software. It would ultimately give a clear answer of whether the application is safe for storing the sensitive data of the users.  

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