Current Date :June 13, 2024

Security Testing in Software Testing: What if an App gets Hacked?

This is a nightmare situation for many app designers. Electronic security is vital in today’s world, especially when financial transactions are involved.

If you want to make money off your app, you’re doing so by monetizing some app services. This means you’ll be handling credit and debit card information. You’ll also be handling the personal information of buyers.

If your app gets hacked, your buyers may lose a lot of money. Their personal information may also get compromised.

Your reputation as a designer will get smeared, ending your software designing career.

This makes app security testing vital. It will be a normal part of your testing routine. You will need to test for security meticulously.

Thus, you need to automate testing as much as you can. You need mobile app security testing tools, shortening your testing sessions.

Through automation, you can quickly discover vulnerabilities. You can also organize notes on what needs to be changed.

But hacking is mostly done by people. Thus, you’ll need the help of crowd testing companies. You need freelance software testing, to pinpoint your app’s vulnerabilities.

You can get the security testing you need at TestUnity. We provide software testing automation tools for security and performance!


Testunity is a SaaS-based technology platform driven by a vast community of testers & QAs spread around the world, powered by technology & testing experts to create the dedicated testing hub. Which is capable of providing almost all kind of testing services for almost all the platforms exists in software word.

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