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10 Most Efficient Cross-Browser Testing Tools In 2022

Are you in search of cross-browser testing tools to calculate your web and mobile apps’ cross-browser compatibility? Your search finishes now because I have a list of top cross-browser testing tools in this article for your requirements. But let me tell you a few fundamental things before the deep drive to the list.

Cross Browser Testing is done to ensure your site or application visitors view you’re the way it was planned, they notice it even though they use different browsers.

However, sometimes we encounter some situations, where the website fails on one browser and functions on other browsers. It is only because that particular website is not tested properly on all the current popular browsers.

What Is Cross Browser Testing?

Cross Browser Testing is described as the procedure of quality assurance that is employed for web and mobile applications across multiple browsers. It assures your website quality on various screens. It is implemented to assure the website’s functionality, design and it also incorporates testing a range of devices and operating systems that are utilized in the market and customer base. Also, the screen resolution, OS Version, Screen size, and browser versions all change and contribute to how someone is viewing the content, making the practice of cross-browser testing an essential aspect to understanding the customer diversified experience. After spending a lot on your website and application development utilizing various Cross-Platform Framework, it becomes of no use if your application doesn’t operate smoothly in different browsers.

1. TestingBot

TestingBot offers cross-browser testing on more than 3000 operating system combinations and browsers, with different screen resolutions. You can test the web and mobile app manually by taking the authority of the real browser and device from your own browser. Automated browser testing lets you run Cypress, selenium, and Playwright/ Puppeteer with high concurrency on different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Edge.


  • It can support more than 3200 physical devices and browsers
  • It supports Headless testing, Performance Testing, real devices, visual testing, and Codeless Automation.
  • This supports Selenium, Playwright, Cypress, and Puppeteer.
  • You can combine these tools with Azure, Jenkins, Jira, DevOps, Bamboo, and more.


  • It provide 100% compatible Selenium/ Appium grid
  • It supports multiple other popular test frameworks like Playwright, Puppeteer, and cypress.
  • You will obtain excellent support and documentation, which allows testing your applications and websites effortlessly.

2. LambdaTest

It is a Cross-Browser Testing tool, it lets the developers and testers conduct cross-browser testing on more than 2000 real browsers. It is a multi-browser testing tool with different screen resolutions.


  • It provides Online Browsing Compatibility Testing
  • Seamless collaboration and testing
  • Test Locally hosted Pages
  • Fast automated Screenshot/ Screenshot testing


  • It provides a free trial to its users for a lifetime
  • Fast automated Screenshots/ Screenshot Testing

3. TestComplete

With TestComplete the Cross-Browser Testing allows users to quickly build automated GUI tests using a single browser and run them parallel across 1500 remote test environments. It includes Browsers, Operating systems, resolutions, and devices. It helps to assure complete test coverage and enhance software quality.


  • It is an automated UI testing tool that lets you to maintain, develop and implement functional tests across web applications, desktop, and mobile.
  • It runs parallel across 1500 real testing environment
  • It is easy to develop one automated GUI test for multiple browsers.


  • You will get real-time access to the latest browsers, resolutions, devices, operating systems, and browsers.

4. CrossBrowserTesting

It provides a user-friendly testing platform that allows performing cross-browser testing on various browsers including mobile platforms. It is available for Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, and Ubuntu.


  • Easy to conduct visual, manual, and selenium tests on more than 2050 desktop browsers and real mobile.
  • As it’s an intuitive API, you can obtain access to almost every app.
  • It provides full access to nearly every tool and extension like Firebug and Chrome Dev Tools.


  • Appropriate for quick testing
  • It suggests a free trial version
  • Provide an opportunity to select screen resolution and operating system

5. QA Wolf

It is a modern testing tool that can be utilized by the whole team. It aids in quick adoption to 2,700 GitHub stars at the period of writing. It prioritizes ease-of-use as the primary differentiator and creates an end-to-end test creation fast, powerful, and simple.


  • No installation or setup required
  • No requirement of writing boilerplate code or learning programming languages
  • You don’t have to conduct the entire test, only you require to fix a line or two of the code.


  • Provide test results very quickly
  • Real-time collaboration with the team by sharing the link
  • Re-run and fix test directly from the browsers

6. SauseLabs

Saucelabs is a cloud-based platform employed for testing web and mobile applications. It offers instant access to multiple simulators, browsers, cross-browser systems, mobile emulators, browsers, and real devices.


  • The tool supports multiple browsers including Chrome, macOS, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Linux, and Android.
  • Test on real and virtual devices
  • Seamless develop integration


  • It permits testing of the mobile browser on real devices
  • Wide selection for real devices, emulators, and simulators

7. Katalon Studio

It is a popular Selenium and Appium alternative employed for cross-browser testing by 8,50,000 testers and achieving the trust of dedicated developers. It also offers scalable web, mobile, and desktop testing,


  • It is compatible with the latest version of chrome, edge, and Firefox
  • It delivers flexible test migration from selenium
  • It is a built-in integration CD/CI


  • Fast feedback on performance
  • It has a self-handling mechanism to take UI and code changes

8. Browsershots

It creates a screenshot of your web design in different operating browsers and systems. As it is a free open source testing tool it supplies the developers a suitable method to test the compatibility of their website’s browser.


  • It is a widely employed compatibility testing browser tool
  • It easily manages navigation testing or scripting


  • It supports 200 different browser version
  • It offers great customization options for your browser
  • It offers a free browser compatibility test

9. Browserstack Live

It is a mobile application and browser testing tool. It allows you to test your websites over 2000 browsers. With these tools, you can test your websites on Android and iOS real devices. You can test your website on 2000+ browsers, thereby making it one of the comprehensive browser compatibility tests.


  • No setup is required. It begins with instant testing in real cloud devices.
  • It covers more than 2000 desktop browsers and all real mobile device browsers.
  • It provides a secure and private network


  • It supports almost every real mobile device browser.
  • It can instantly begin testing on real cloud devices.
  • It doesn’t require a device lab or virtual machines

10. SeleniumBox

Selenium Box is a grid that operates on-premises or in the corporate cloud is fully managed with high scalability. It presents the execution of automated tests for mobile and web inside the corporate firewall. The product is developed for large organizations that are security-sensitive areas like banking, insurance, and the medical field.


  • It is an On-Premise/ corporate cloud deployment tool
  • It functions from real devices, desktop browsers, and emulators/ simulators.


  • It is a secure tool that needs no tunnels or any external access.
  • It required no security
  • Maintenance-free

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Cross-browser testing tools are required to access the functionality of web and mobile applications on different browsers. It is used to discover and repair flaws in browsers. Therefore to assist you with this method, we have listed the top 10 testing tools that you can employ for your web and mobile browser testing.

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