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Professional Beta Testing Vs Public Beta Testing

There exists a very distinct difference between very professional beta testing and public beta testing that exists there.

Acknowledging the difference between both types of beta testing eventually helps a company to decide the type of quality assurance they need to improve and perfect their products.

Let us now understand public beta testing and professional beta testing.

What is Professional Beta Testing?

Although all the software does have some bugs, before pushing it live to the public all the developers require to ensure that all the issues combined with the software functionality ought to be known. Additionally, they are also required to assure that their developed software must Run well and smoothly on desktops, laptops, PCS, and all of the mobile devices present in the market.

  • Comprehensive testing near the ending of the software development life cycle assures a smooth launch.
  • Lab-based testers will recognize defects and convey them to developers in a way that lets the problems be quickly resolved and that is why this process is referred to as “professional beta testing.”

What is Public Beta Testing?

We already know how many publishers like to know how well their product will be accepted, regardless of the application. The purpose at hand is to build a group of people who all suit the demographics of their target market, provide them access to the program, and measure their degree of happiness. “Running a public beta test” is the term for this method.

  • The feedback that will appear will be usability related and as an outcome, these individuals are likely to comment on the software’s intuitiveness, user interface, and general simplicity of use.
  • Public beta testers should not discover defects that compromise the software’s functionality. Problems of that nature should have previously been noticed, recorded, and solved before the public beta testers were given access. 

Now getting to the conclusion that if you want your post-launch to be successful you are required to get your software through a professional beta testing lab so that any problem that can appear as a defect in the software can be fixed before making it live to the audiences.


General Meaning of Professional Beta Testing 

Beta testing, also known as Beta Testers, is an option for customers to test a product in a production-related setting to encounter any bugs, glitches, problems, or issues before it is released to the broader public. Beta testing occurs at the end of the method and is the last and final stage of testing before a product is allocated to a large national and worldwide audience. The purpose is crystal clear: to discover any bugs or potential malfunctions in this well-controlled environment.

Beta Testers have an objective and a Purpose:

  • Beta testing is carried out to get a clear picture and feedback from end-users after they have utilized the product.
  • Beta testing is carried out by beta testers, which implies that the applications and reasons for employing it may differ.
  • Since we already know that beta testing is frequently conducted by people for them to test the product and notify firms of any bugs or problems they may face, it might be a huge benefit for any company looking to grow.
  • Because it uses a mixed collection of authentic platforms for testing on different devices, operating systems, browsers, and other aspects, this testing assures a product’s real-world compatibility to a greater extent.

What is Apple Public Beta Testing?

Users can check out pre-release software through Apple’s Beta Software Program. Your comment on quality and usability helps us encounter problems, fix them, and improve Apple software. Because Apple has not yet commercially released the Apple public beta testing software, it may include faults or inaccuracies and may not perform as well as commercially released software. Before installing beta software, create a backup of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as well as your Mac, using Time Machine. There’s no requirement to back up your Apple TV because purchases and data are kept in the cloud. Install the beta version only on non-production, non-business-critical devices. Installing on a secondary machine or device, or on a secondary partition on your Mac, is highly advised.

How could someone get access to Public Betas?

You can enroll your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, or Apple Watch in the Apple Beta Software Program to get access to the latest public betas and following updates immediately via iOS Software Update, Mac App Store, or tvOS Software Update.

Android Public Beta Testing in detail 

Beta testing an Android public beta testing is a part of the software development life cycle in which a group of external users (beta testers) tests your app in real-world settings to discover bugs and provide comments. You can operate this user feedback to repair any existing issues before releasing your app to the public, as well as to execute less urgent ideas in subsequent revisions.

Why Android Public Beta Testing?

You may save time, money, and effort by beta testing Android apps. The following are some of the benefits of beta testing:

  • Quality: Assuring and maintaining the quality of your app, confirming that everything works as it should and that you’re delivering the best possible user experience.
  • Cost: Bugs are detected before they are released at a cost. Beta testing an Android app saves you money in the long run because production losses are incredibly costly.
  • Performance: Assure that your Android app satisfies industry standards and user expectations in terms of performance.
  • Proof of Concept: Validating your ideas with real-world input.
  • More testers: Uncovering flaws that fell through previous test phases, because a larger number of testers implies a broader range of device environments and usage patterns.

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Beta testing is a crucial stage in the development of your app. Prepare ahead of time and ensure you learn everything there is to understand about the process. Before you launch your beta, make sure you go over this checklist. Most crucial, keep in touch with your beta testers and enable them to keep delivering you useful input. After all, it’s up to them to make your app a success!

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