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Crowd Testing Services

Best Practices for Leveraging the Crowd Testing Services

Crowd testing has become part of several innovative companies as their standard process of testing. Though the benefits of crowd testing are unquestionable some of the users have criticized it owing to their bad experiences.

As with any service, crowd testing has its own pros and cons. Here are some of the best practices for ensuring that you make the best use of your testing dollars and your products are flawless.

It is important to have proper documentation

Testers, particularly external testers, don’t have the understanding of your products as you do. They understand only its functionality to the level of information which you have provided.

Ensure that you offer sufficient documentation with respect to the inner workings of the product so that the testers are not required to make guesses about the working of the product.

Depending on the complexity of the product, it is important that you offer proper documentation so that the testers appreciate its subtleties.

Offer comprehensive instructions

In case you want a specific aspect of the project to be tested, ensure it is clear in the test request. Without proper instructions, testers could only apply their own judgment for using your product just like an ordinary user.

Be available to answer all the queries during the testing phase

When you work with a crowd of people, they involve with the project according to their own timings. You could increase the return on your investment if you could resolve their queries as they arise for keeping up the momentum.

As most of the crowd testers work from their homes for supplementing their income, they ever so often test the products outside of the usual work hours.

In case there is a problem with a product that is preventing them from testing, it’s doubtful that they would be available for resuming the testing just when you want.

It’s advisable to be prepared for answering their questions nippily while your testers are busy testing.

Give attention to the actions of the testers

Among the most attractive facets of the crowd, testing is that it offers insights into the usability and functionality of the products.

When you demand the services of the crowd testers, the outcome which you receive reflects the perception of the audience of your mobile app or website.

Crowd testers may act in different ways which you didn’t account for. They might stray into the directions which you have not wanted.

When it happens, it gives an opportunity to understand why the testers didn’t do what was expected from them.

You must pay attention to the behaviors of the crowd testers; it should possibly reflect the future behavior of the targeted users.

Select right crowd testing provider

Before selecting the provider of crowd testing, ensure that you ask the questions mentioned below:

Whether the results are reviewed by the project manager or peer-reviewed?

Crowd testing sites that are peer-reviewed are at times less costly as compared to the managed crowd testing services; however, the quality of the result differs significantly.

To whom the project’s information would be accessible?

Some of the crowd testing sites publish open calls on social media pages and websites for others to see. As the product’s test environments might comprise sensitive information, you might wish to be safeguarded that these are not available for the entire world.

What are the platforms where the product would be tested?

For ensuring the best quality, the products are required to be tested on an extensive array of devices, browsers, and operating systems.

The crowd testing provider must tell you upfront about the platforms on which the products would be tested.


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