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The Flexible Technique To Quality Assurance: Elastic QA

Anything that is elastic has the capability to maintain its original form when released from the point of full throttle. It also indicates that the entity can be scaled up or down as per the given requirements. The same idea is now being applied to the method of quality assurance.

If we proceed through a brief recap of the definition of quality assurance, it indicates the process that provides the application, functionality or product acts as per the given standards of compliance, safety, and quality. It also indicates that the customer produces the best experiences while using the product or app and is certain to suggest it to others.

What is Elastic QA and What Does it Mean?

Elastic QA is an innovative idea where the humans and the technology stack team work together to provide the most suitable touch to the product before moving it out in the market. This term is doing rounds among digital quality assurance specialists of late. It is because of the relevance it gets to the table.

It is quite a well-known fact that not all applications or businesses operate at the same scale. They may have various collections and sizes of people to cater to. Thus, the expected quality parameters cannot be identical too. That is why Elastic QA appears to be the best choice for modern digital quality assurance experts who can provide the best results by getting in the flexibility quotient to the method.

Who Needs an Elastic QA Process?

There is not a single type that can be identified as the ideal candidate for the elastic QA procedure. In fact, almost every modern business entity can adopt this quality check method, and continue to provide quality.

Elastic QA for digital quality assurance is the most suitable option for businesses that roll out products with the following characteristics:

  • Need to upgrade products frequently
  • Need regular checking and inclusion of new features
  • And the product management team is revealed to escalation too

For instance, an app development company regularly releasing the latest and more compatible versions of its app, say an iOS app, would require elastic QA to timely and accurately test the app versions. Many businesses even have weekly updates on their apps; this is just where elastic QA becomes a savior of time and money.

Advantages of Elastic QA

Elastic QA has provided digital quality assurance management companies with an easily wieldable tool. The companies have noted the following advantages that they enjoyed with the usage of the Elastic stack:

  • Speed: The website reported that their shifting to elastic QA allowed them to accomplish about 2 million automated test results in a year, which they call one of the most productive ones too.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is essential in testing. Imagine a car touching off the pillar due to radar dysfunction or an app leaving customers stuck on the same page due to poor performance testing! These quality assurance accuracy testing illustrations demonstrate how elastic QA can alter the results for the better. Elasticity, natural language processing, coupled with machine learning, and other semi-intelligent tools allow testers to keep reinvigorating the product as per the changing expectations of the people.

  • Better Control: With the virtues of speed, accuracy and timeliness arrive the benefit of better control. The business owners can cooperate with the experts exactly as per their requirements and obtain assurance of all the best or time-relevant features incorporated in the product. The main reason for app development and upgrade is to let users enjoy a better experience on one hand and impart improved operational control to the business managers or owners. Thus, there is never a gap in understanding about what to offer to consumers and how to allocate the resources to fulfill objectives. This provides a way to better structure expenses, which is also described in the next topic that talks about cost-saving.
  • Cost-saving: Software errors cost up to trillions to US corporations. With the help of elastic QA, these costs are decreased considerably. The added bonus in the form of customer experience gets more significance to the business and helps accomplish a better reputation.

The Correct Time to Invest in Elastic QA is Now!

If you have not invested in Elastic QA as yet, the correct time to do it is now. As a business owner, you can enjoy advantages like:

  • Incorporation of better and high-quality characteristics as per the customer experience
  • Identification of pain points and promoting them as per the analytics and feedback analysis
  • Load testing, performance testing, and other stress topics help understand all the up-gradation/experience generation needs and proceed with better solutions.
  • Recognize newer ways of employing new and existing consumers and providing them with better solutions.

How to Implement Elastic QA

Elastic QA implementation is a simpler task than what most commodities believe. It involves automated testing of various code bases. Different perspectives are brought into consideration while conducting QA. In a typical Elastic QA, three types of tests are involved:

  • JAVA unit tests
  • REST tests, and
  • Integration tests

The basic testing level includes all traditional tests. Further driving up, the tests are executed cluster-wise. Testing in clusters lets us review if all modules are functioning in a positive manner. It is also a case of understanding how the modules act with each other when made to work separately or in association with one another.

Another topic of implementation covered is backward compatibility testing. It is a case of the common event that the operating systems or devices are older inversions, but the applications are not. Therefore, compatibility backward is also a solicited quality if the applications require to be appropriate amidst competitors.

Thus, implementation needs an automated setup. It is demonstrated in easy terms to the users. The best component is that the procedure will not need more than a few clicks. So, there will never be any reason for not trying elastic QA and simplifying the testing procedures.

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With all these elements to wield and comprehend, the companies get an extremely flexible way of enhancing the quality and product feature enhancement with elastic QA. So, when you select to be the market leader or want to foray into a new venture as a start-up, you can engage the best choices like elastic QA. It is certain to give you the best help for joining the market with enhanced trust and a realistic procedure, which is free from human error as well.

At TestUnity, we strive for the highest quality in every project, and our professional QA specialists are ready to ensure it. Contact us if you’re looking for a dedicated team to enhance your product’s quality.


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