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Software testing trends to look out for in 2022

Software testing is getting more important year by year as new technologies advent and testing trends alter. Businesses use more and more apps, which needs a serious strategy for security and safety as never before. Besides, keeping a decent level of reliability and quality comes to the fore, as it permits to carry out testing with fewer software app defects, better security, and enhancing applications speed.

The QA methodologies continuously change as the trends in software testing change. So being a QA expert or a testing firm, you should continuously catch up with current software trends to stay competitive among other companies that deliver the same services.

Software testing market size acquired $40 billion in 2020 and is forecasted to grow at over 7% yearly by 2027 and reach $60 billion. So the need for software QA has all chanced to develop further with technological developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, IT, etc. This blog will talk about testing trends in 2022.

Decentralization (QA outsourcing)

Is software QA outsourcing a good idea? We dare say, the IT industry really cannot do without QA outsourcing. Outsource testing brings the following advantages:

  • Expertise. The software testing team consists of experts with varying levels of expertise in different fields. Such teams always follow the latest QA technology trends and comprehend global best practices and procedures. They can recognize and repair all the errors that may be induced by user behavior. QA outsourcing carries out testing on all the potential devices, has its own testing platforms, and performs worldwide. 
  • Time-efficiency. Experienced QA engineers can join a project at any stage of its development. They are interested in finishing projects they will further add to their portfolio. To maintain the best quality, fulfill deadlines, and deliver the best outsource software testing services. It enables you to achieve the highest quality for your product and get it to the market in the shortest terms.
  • Cost-efficiently. You don’t have to build a QA department within your organization and hire specialists, prepare the team, pay their social benefits, enlarge your office space, and so on. It would not be cost-efficient and too exhausting. Rather, better to outsource a QA team of highly trained QA engineers. Outsource testing will cost less and get fruit.
  • Valuable insights. Authorizing QA testing to a group of experts, you will get an unbiased and comprehensive view of your project’s weak sides and possible risks.

Now you know why employing a quality assurance outsourcing remote team is a more suitable option than opening an in-house QA department.

Data security testing and risk management

As an outcome of the digital revolution, we have been witnessing the last few years. The question of data security is on the rise, and it specifically refers to businesses. Application, network, and system security testing assure transactions and data protection. Web application security testing is a critical stage of apps development that lessens economic losses, risks and provides brand loyalty. Testing and quality control now proceed to a higher level and become an important part of the development process, altering testing trends. Thus, along with the digital revolution capturing the world, the significance of software testing experts to grow, while QA testers should prepare to update their skills against the backdrop of arising innovations in testing 2022. Likely, automation test services will slowly replace manual testing. 


Crowd Testing

Crowd testing is also known as crowdsourced app testing. It suggests a spread-out, temporary workforce of multiple individual testers that carry out QA of your digital products in real-world situations. Crowdsourced QA testing delivers quick and efficient examination rather than an in-house team could do. Crowd testing bridges testers from all around the world who test companies’ products on real devices, with a focus on the customer’s point of view to deliver true user feedback. Crowdsourced testing allows eradicating some of the issues involved in conventional testing.

Big Data Testing

It seems to be challenging for companies to manage huge data sets in different formats. Unstructured data in massive amounts need end-to-end testing. So big data QA confirms the information and enhances business strategy with well-versed conclusions derived from big data research. Developing IoT device adoption and improved government initiatives to enable digital technologies cause growing big data value globally. As all industries began to depend on and use big data actively, they also need correctness, reliability, and quality of the data to make proper decisions on their company. Here big data testing comes in handy. Big data tests make sound judgments that depend on collected and analyzed critical information on products and services that essentially helps organizations.

Increasing Demand for IoT Testing

The Internet of Things covers networks, people, technologies, devices that transmit information via the internet. This idea is spreading rapidly with the growing number of people connected to the internet. Thus, the IoT industry now accepts particular attention, particularly in healthcare. As more and more IoT devices generate huge amounts of data, their software demands quality cyber security testing. That should be an endless amount of testing combinations that test devices. And also operation systems, and platforms to assure data integrity, security, quality performance, authenticity, etc.

So QA specialists and teams should extend their experience and enhance their skills to carry out comprehensive testing and comply with existing testing trends. That will help to protect our gadgets and devices and make them secure and efficient for use.

Increased Demand for Mobile Application Testing 

It’s difficult to imagine our lives without mobile apps. Smartphones application has been knitted into our everyday routines, from ordering food, functioning on the go, to using online banking, etc. The use of mobile apps increases at a rapid pace, while the number of mobile users is supposed to reach 7.41 billion by 2024. Before users can begin using mobile apps, they have to be placed through the testing process to enhance the user experience. And also apps reliability on different devices, geographies, and OSs, as well as to assure users’ data safety.

The apps developers should make their products right and give them to the end-user with no flaws and shortcomings. Appropriate mobile app testing should cover the complete lifecycle of the application from development to deployment. The need for mobile apps testing is growing because accurate and comprehensive testing helps developers to avoid costly mistakes before they ever occur.


Software testing trends are transforming with the advent of new technologies and new applications coming deeper into our everyday life. To assure a high user experience, enhance convenience, and deliver safe data and transactions, software development companies need high-quality QA testing. We suggest ordering testing services at QA firms for comprehensive testing. All the phases of the software development life cycle and a better result before moving out your application to the end-user.

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When it comes to QA, nothing is better than having the correct people in charge. That’s why we make sure that everyone in our team is qualified and accredited on some of the industry’s best practices. 

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