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Compliance Testing: Why Does Your App Require It?

Conducting functional testing on your software products must be a regular practice for you, but do you give same attention to non-functional testing too? Several times we overlook the non-functional testing, putting at stake the long-term performance and success of your product. Keeping in mind the long-term purposes and success, assure to carry out a round of non-functional testing.  One of the most significant non-functional testing that requires your attention is compliance testing.

What is Compliance Testing?

Compliance testing assesses and evaluates whether your software satisfies all the regulations, standards, terms of specifications, etc. that it has to stand correct on.

 Compliance testing can be regarded more as an auditing task to assure that it fulfills required standards. It is many times also mentioned as conformance testing.

Attributes compliance testing tests for

The deviation in the defined standards can affect several attributes of your software. You can evaluate the following attributes of your software through compliance testing.

  • Robustness
  • Performance
  • Interoperability
  • Functions
  • Behavior of system

Importance of Compliance Testing

Before moving ahead we should first understand why is compliance testing necessary and why do we need it? Here are some points that will help you know its utility.

  • To verify if your software fulfills all the system requirements and standards.
  • To evaluate if all the related documentation is comprehensive and correct.
  • To verify the software design, development, and evaluation are carried out as per terms, standards, norms, and guidelines.
  • To verify if system maintenance is determined as per defined standards and recommended way.
  • To ensure that your software is free from any kind of complaints from regulatory bodies.

Who executes Compliance testing?

Most companies do not conduct compliance testing. They do not consider it necessary. However, executing compliance testing mainly depends on the management. If they consider a requirement to perform compliance testing, they hire or ask the in-house team to perform compliance testing.

Many companies also deploy a board of experts or a regulatory body to evaluate and verify several regulations, specifications, policies, and guidelines.


What to test in Compliance testing?

Compliance testing is started by the management taking care of the full understanding of the team about several regulations, specifications, guidelines, etc.

To ensure the best results and quality assurance, all the regulations and rules should be clearly stated to the team to evade any ambiguities.

  • Requirement objectives
  • Scope of requirements
  • Standards that manages the implementation
  • Call of the software to be developed

When to perform Compliance Testing?

When you need to evaluate the reliability, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of your software with respect to fundamental specifications, you can carry out compliance testing.

How to perform compliance testing?

Compliance testing is more like an audit and supports no particular testing methodology.

You can just carry it out like other general testing practices. Here is an overview of the general compliance testing methodology that may help you in implementing it.

  • The first step is to accumulate precise details about all defined standards, norms, regulations, and other appropriate criteria.
  • In the next step, you are needed to documents all the norms and standards clearly and accurately.
  • In the third step, you will have to precisely evaluate all the development phases against the documented rules and norms to identify and recognize any deviations or flaws in the implemented process.
  • The next step involves generating a report and reporting all the flaws to the concerned team.
  • Lastly, you are needed to re-verify and verify the affected areas post-fixation to ensure conformance to the required standards.
  • If required certification is given to the system for compliance with required norms and rules.

Many tools are also available to conduct compliance testing. These tools can clarify your task preserving a lot of time and effort.

Based upon the required rules and your system type there are several compliance testing tools that are available in the market.

Here are the names of few commonly used compliance testing tools.

  • EtherCAT conformance testing tool
  • MAP2.1 conformance testing tool
  • Software Licence Agreement OMS Conformance Tester 4.0
  • CANopen Conformance test tool

Advantages of Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is though not a necessary part of STLC, but it is desirable to carry around to ensure better performance and compliance of your software.

Listed below are a few points that might help you to better know the advantages of conducting compliance testing.

  • It ensures proper implementation of required specifications
  • It proves portability and interoperability
  • It verifies whether the required standards and norms are correctly adhered to
  • Verify that the interfaces and functions are working as required
  • Can help you recognize the areas that are to be verified with those which are not to be approved such as syntax and semantics

Disadvantages of Compliance Testing

Compliance testing is no simple task and might become very challenging for the testers. Here are some challenges that you might face while performing compliance testing

  • To get the best results, you require to recognize the class of the system, and then the testing has to be carried out based on the class following a suitable methodology
  • You will have to distinct specifications into Profiles, Levels, and Modules
  • You will require to have the entire know-how of different rules, norms, and regulations of the system to be tested.

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Delivering glitch-free software improves your customers’ trust in you. Compliance testing is another step that ensures that your system is free from any defects and glitches.

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