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Growth of Software testing in India

Indian IT has witnessed a rapid change in software development model. With the enhanced development process and increasing customer demand the programming structure today deal with millions of lines code. The overall complexity in SDLC model fostered the need for more accurate and intensive testing. This, in turn, leads to a quality outcome. Moreover, global clients are taking help from Indian software corporations for QA activities. The immense talents of Software testers have become an integral part of any product team. At present Indian software testing community is one of the largest in IT industry that leads to tremendous business competition among the organizations. Today most of the software giants earn a good amount of revenue from testing services.


Change in software testing profile spurts the growth

Over the last one-decade software testing has evolved a lot. From the monotonous test case execution, today it has become the show stopper for any software product/service development. With further technological advances, coupled with the internet, an even more rapid proliferation of IT has been witnessed in the industry. Failures can now cripple businesses hence testing started to become more and more specialized.

For example:

  • In the age of the internet, thousands of users can simultaneously hit an application through their access to the application. This makes performance testing an essential part of whole test cycle that raises a new level.
  • Test automation is in the picture for an improved productivity and a number of test automation tools took shape with the intent to capitalize on this purpose.
  • Cloud-based testing has set a new paradigm which is democratizing the testing space with the adoption of open source approach.
  • Future scenarios will emphasis on including model-based testing and domain-specific testing which will further make the testing process more reliable and speedier.

Testing has become more structured with several types and stages. Moreover based on development model and area testing has widened up in many spectrum like –

  • Mobile testing
  • Automation testing
  • Cloud-based testing
  • Agile testing

This area of testing has helped in a CAGR between 9-10% per year. Moreover, with the expansion of digital technology, the testing demand will increase more in coming years. It is the demand for faster release that will leverage automation testing and an innovative testing tool to take over the charge of better output.

Mobile testing is a rapid growth indicator

Mobile devices have become an essential part of everyday life. The usability of mobile apps are injected in every sphere of daily life like from booking a cab to checking the weather forecast, online grocery shopping to fund transactions, and so on. While the use of mobile devices skyrocketing, the need of making apps bug free has become a must. Hence the testing coverage for functional, performance and security of mobile apps and devices has now under the umbrella of an organization’s digital development strategy. Here mobile market plays 40% contribution whereas cloud testing for mobile testing contributes almost 27%.


Outsourced testing is a significant growth factor

Outsourcing plays a major role in revenue generation of Indian IT industry. From a nonexistent outsourced market to a growth of $10 billion USD by 2010, NASSCOM indicates a significant portion of outsourcing in the testing area. That is almost 3.5 billion USD and opened up a huge recruitment scope for almost 65000 professionals. The growth rate will be steady at a rate of 17% CAGR till 2020. By 2020, more than 40 percent will be basic functional testing, 30 percent specialized work and another 30 percent from newer offerings.

Value that financial software testing add marks a growth

As discussed above with the growing demand of software testing if we view over a 7-year period, the effort estimation for design and development will take only 40 percent of IT application lifecycle total costs, while large part will be held by testing and could be as high as 60 percent. Rapid regression testing will help in finding avoidable rework component, a structured and rigorous testing methodology based on domain knowledge and appropriately automated frameworks can go a long way in mitigating this situation. Moreover, when the buzz word in the industry is “green”, software testing plays a major role to make development environment-friendly by reducing the rework.


Testing areas that help in Growth

Open Source Tools: Open source testing tools are in action with more use of automation testing. With the enhanced use of Agile and DevOps model more and more open source tools will come into the picture in next decade.

Quality with High speed through Crowdsourced testing: Best products in the fastest possible time – this is the focus on today’s best user experience. Cloud-based testing like Crowdsourced testing has gained increased popularity in this scenario.

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) will be in huge demand: Although SDETs have been existing among us since almost a decade, by early 2020, almost all testers will need to wear an SDET hat to be successful in the field of Test Automation, that is going to become mainstream.

Agile and DevOps will rule the industry: In agile and DevOps model the need to Testing CoE is going to be obsolete and test automation developers today are now a part of the agile teams.

Big Data Testing will become more pervasive: With the explosive amount of Big Data strong strategies around Big Data Testing will bring a use of more analytical tools and framework which with time will grow BIG.

IoT is Heralding a new testing era: With rapid use of IoT based application and devices, security has become a major concern among users. Almost 70% security is compromised in IoT based devices which mandating rigorous testing for IoT arena.

Conclusion: Keeping all the above points in consideration it is quite obvious that the budgets for software testing will continue to grow in Indian IT industry. It is obvious that with such intense focus and demand for high-quality products in Agile and DevOps framework, and with major trends in IT such as Big Data, Cloud computing, Mobile technology, and Virtualization, testing will become more than just a need. This will motivate the organizations towards allocating a commendable amount of their IT budget (around 40%) for software testing and QA.


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