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Why Automating eCommerce Website Testing Is a Good Idea

57% of Europeans agree that they’ve begun shopping online more actively than ever before. Over a third of them are people over 65s. Online grocery in the UK is supposed to grow by 33%, which is a large break correlated to the last year’s 2.9%. Simultaneously with this data, eCommerce News reports that the influence will last beyond the restrictions.

It is not difficult to doubt, taking into thought the US practices. Last year, eCommerce already represented 56% of overall retail sales. The experts assume that by 2023 this number will increase from $600 billion to over $6 trillion. 

Tech companies working in an online retail niche are to undergo massive opportunities and hard competition. Spending enough attention on software testing services, and automated testing, in particular, is what can help to face current and upcoming challenges.

Types of Testing to Cover

Automation testing for eCommerce websites allows a fast analysis of core functionalities on a range of devices over different configurations. Diversification is crucial, as more people start utilizing mobile devices to research items and shop online. 

API Testing 

A quick reminder: API serves as a messenger that takes a user request, tells a system what they require to do, and returns the response. API testing is important, as it is a vulnerable interface. 

The first job for QA engineers is to check that API operates. Then, they check how it integrates with other systems and functions in stress conditions. The list of important elements to review includes:

  • Product information. There is an API that enables retailers to access product information, like ID, specifications, pricing info, descriptions, etc. from any global database.
  • Website catalog. Another API makes maintaining a product catalog possible. It combines inventory control, points of sale, and a website. This is how users and sellers perceive what is in stock.
  • Shopping cart. A webshop has to process various kinds of discounts, promo codes, and coupons, determine the total and create an invoice. An API is responsible for this, too.
  • Website search. Direct search is a half of success, or even less than that. Partial results, related suggestions, and search by reference are what get an eCommerce platform good. International sites need testing queries in various languages. At this stage, QA specialists often discover bugs that could create problems through GUI testing, which is a more complicated and time-consuming method. That seems like a solid reason to automate eCommerce testing.

Functional Testing

At this stage of eCommerce website testing, the team regularly checks the system against the requirements to check it operates accordingly. Functional testing includes a complete user workflow, from opening a website to moving through all steps and making a purchase successfully. The core components are navigation, main page, and category pages, product details, pop-up banners, sorting features, wishlists, etc. It is necessary to map correct errors with important explanations so users don’t get confused.

It is reasonable to automate functional testing for core characteristics that are stable but can be altered. Automated testing is not fit for the checkup of new characteristics. QA specialists require to manage manual testing first, and it becomes the foundation for future automation. 


GUI Testing

The graphic interface is what a user faces when they enter a website, and the first impressions count. QA specialists examine the interface and controls, like buttons, all kinds of bars, forms, links, etc. Here are some of the features automation testing of e-commerce platforms can check:

  • layout and all features work correctly on all screens;
  • input forms act, as well as auto-completion hints;
  • all fields support proper format (all letters, just numbers, dates, etc.);
  • images and banners are presented correctly on different screens;
  • sections on the screen are in the proper places;
  • scrolling operates correctly.

Automated GUI tests affect user behavior on a website, modeling various cases and sequences a person works with functionality.

Analytics Developers & CTOs Get from Automated Testing?

When we perceive functional requirements, automation QA engineers begin to prepare a list of tests recommended by manual QA engineers. We set up a test environment, provide an automation framework/scripts, and give clear feedback after each check.

The reports are created automatically after each build. Developers and CTO can get the information on: 

  • list of all tests and their duration;
  • a number of tests passed, failed, and pending demonstrated by a pie chart;
  • stories and related test cases; 
  • steps performed in each test case;
  • screenshots of the results for each step;
  • error logs for tests that failed.

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Bottom Line

Both simple adjustments (like page layouts and button design) and appending new features alter website functionality and need thorough testing. Exercising into account the scope of work an eCommerce site gives for the QA company and the type of devices customers use to reach a webshop, testing becomes very time-consuming. 

Automation is a game-changer that assists optimize the quality assurance method. Tests can be performed multiple times, reports are created automatically, and manual QA engineers pay attention to areas that need the human approach. 

Professional implementation of automation testing services maximizes website potential. At TestUnity, we strive for the highest quality in every project, and  Our team of automation testing experts has years of experience implementing tests with different testing software.  Contact us if you’re looking for a dedicated team to enhance your product’s quality.


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